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5 Reasons to Install an Arbor, Pergola, or Trellis

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 5 Reasons to Install an Arbor, Pergola, or Trellis
5 Reasons to Install an Arbor, Pergola, or Trellis

Arbors, pergolas, and trellises are classic installations that can breathe new life into dull landscapes, and because they are often simple in design, they can do this without costing the homeowner an arm and a leg. If you've been thinking about a unique and affordable way to boost your home's curb appeal, these three structures may be just the kinds of accents you're looking for. Here are 5 ways these 3 installations can work for you:

  1. When covered in climbing plants, a pergola becomes a fantastically shady spot to entertain under during the hot summer months.

    1.Increase Your Home's Value

    Landscaping additions like arbors, pergolas, and trellises don't just look great, they can actually boost your home's selling price by 4 to 5 percent! Though none of these three items is going to do the job on its own, each is capable of increasing the beauty of your exterior and making your home stand apart from the rest in the minds of potential buyers.

  2. 2.Increase the Fruitfulness of Your Garden

    Not every climbing plant is going to flower, but vines like flowering ivy, purple passion flower, and honeysuckle are not only pretty--they attract pollinators to your property. Some climbing plants are more likely to attract butterflies and others more likely to attract honeybees or hummingbirds; some require watering and training, while others are maintenance free. No matter what, though, thorough pollination is one of the keys to a thriving garden, and the right climbing plant on your arbor or trellis can bring in pollinators by the hundreds.

  3. 3.Maximize Your Gardening Space

    In addition to attracting pollinators, trellises, arbors, and pergolas allow you to grow certain types of plants more effectively. Grapes are a classic pergola fruit, but peas, beans, raspberries, tomatoes, and many other kinds of fruits and vegetables can use the frame of an arbor or trellis for support, giving you more room in the actual plot for peppers, lettuces, and others. Some garden plants will naturally climb up any nearby frame; others will need to be tied. No matter what kind of plants your decorative framework supports, though, it will be sure to look good.

  4. 4.Provide a Cool Place for Gatherings

    When covered in climbing plants, a pergola becomes a fantastically shady spot to entertain under during the hot summer months; these installations don't necessarily need vines, however, to help homeowners beat the heat. The top of a pergola can easily and inexpensively be covered with canvas, allowing you a shady spot out of the sun when you want it, and a striking landscape feature all year round. Some have even run misting systems along the frame of their pergolas, creating an outdoor space that is comfortable even in desert climates.

  5. 5.Increase Privacy

    Some trellises and similar frame-style accents are designed specifically to provide additional privacy. Our homes are our safe-havens, and feeling safe from prying eyes in your back yard can be just as important as it is in your living room. Privacy trellises offer an inexpensive, easy-to-install, and beautiful way to extend your onlooker-free space without sacrificing your landscape's aesthetic appeal.


    Of course, the most widely-known benefit of these frame-style features is the impact they have at special events. It's interesting to note, though, that many folks who have a pergola, arbor, or trellis installed for a specific event enjoy its presence so much that they keep it intact long after the occasion has passed.

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