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5 Reasons to Use Driveway Sealer

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Driveway > 5 Reasons to Use Driveway Sealer
5 Reasons to Use Driveway Sealer

Driveways can crack. And when they crack, they need sealer. Oh, but you don’t have time today to seal it. And it’s not that big of a crack anyways. Besides, your car can handle a few bumps here and there. Plus, sealant is expensive!


We know there are a lot of arguments against sealing a driveway. What’s the big deal, anyways? It’s just for cars, right? Well, regardless of your reason for not sealing your driveway, here’s five reasons you should.

  1. 1.Aesthetically Speaking, Your Driveway Doesn’t Look Good

    A cracked, overgrown, pothole-filled driveway is an eyesore. No one likes looking at mother nature struggling to reclaim an area designated for vehicles now. An ugly, overgrown driveway is a sign of neglect, and can ruin a picture-perfect street-level view of your home. Don’t be the house that was “beautiful, but with that… you know… driveway…” take pride in your home’s look and feel! You work hard to keep your house looking great, don’t let your driveway ruin that!

  2. Just as an even, smooth driveway is a healthy surface for your car, it is also a healthy surface for your family.
  3. 2.Preventative Maintenance is the Best Kind of Maintenance

    Use driveway sealer to put your mind at ease! There’s nothing worse than seeing a hairline crack in something, and knowing it’s there in the back of your mind. Then not doing anything about it until the crack turns into a gaping hole? The worst! Sealing your driveway today saves you worry tonight, and money tomorrow!

  4. 3.Cracks are Just the Start

    Neglect is the father of bad luck. Neglecting your driveway starts a chain of unfortunate events that could end up ruining that giant slab of concrete from the inside out. A hairline crack that goes untreated can manifest itself into a larger crack. From a larger crack, to a hole, and from a hole to a clean break. If the elements are allowed inside the crack long enough, you could be driving home over a pile of rubble before you know it!

  5. 4.If Not for You, Do it for Your Car!

    Cars love to go places. They also love being taken care of. You may take your vehicle in every milestone for a tune-up and regular oil change, but did you think to fix your crooked, uneven driveway to save your car’s tires and alignment? Jagged, broken pieces of driveway have the potential to puncture rubber tires, and uneven surfaces can allow for the alignment to go awry in vehicles. Sealing your driveway now can prevent any major damage from happening to your driveway – thus protecting your car! You may not think you need your driveway to get to work, but in a way, you do!

  6. 5.A Sealed Driveway is a Safe Driveway

    Just as an even, smooth driveway is a healthy surface for your car, it is also a healthy surface for your family. Smooth driveways are easier to clean off, which makes them more appealing to your inner-cleaner. And a clean driveway is bereft of dangerous debris that barefoot children in the summer can step on and trip over. Allowing your driveway to become uneven and jagged is disaster waiting to happen, especially if you have a basketball hoop or hockey net on it. The hoop brings the neighborhood in for a game, and the driveway… well that’ll drive them away. Be safe! Seal it up!

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