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5 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > 5 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking
5 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

If you find your roof to have a leak problem, you may be at risk for significant water damage and severe dangers if it is left alone. Leaks may not be taken very seriously, and sometimes may only get a bucket as a “solution”. But leaks should not be underestimated because of the amount of damage that they can cause. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of five reasons why your roof may be leaking.


If you are unsure about the severity of your leakage problem, you should always contact a professional first. They will be able to tell you how fast you should get the problem repaired so that you prevent any future disasters. Below are some reasons that we have found roofing leaks to occur.

  1. 1.Skylights Can Be a Problem

    Although built in skylights can really add dazzle to a home and let in natural light, when not built properly they can cause a lot of problems. If they are too old or haven’t been updated recently, they can easily let water into the home. If you find that the downhill slope seems to be filling with water easily, it will most likely cause a leak in the future. Some types of housing cannot support too much weight or stress, so water from rain will begin to fall through less durable framework.

  2. Aside from heavy debris and storms, there are a great number of reasons that a roof can develop a leak. You should always look further into the problem to minimize any other damage.
  3. 2.Flashing is Most Common

    Because of too harsh weather or damage from wind, flashing on different places of your roof may become easily damaged over time. Flashing is the most common reason that roofing will get leaks. Sometimes flashing is poorly installed which makes it highly susceptible to leaks. If it’s not the installation, it could be a bad quality product or perhaps affected by high winds or weather damage. Either way, if your flashing is damage you are more than likely going to develop a leak over time.

  4. 3.How Old is Your Roof?

    Take a second and really think about how long you’ve had your roof for. How many years has it been? How good of a job did the last contractors do? Roofs that were built fifty years ago were made with much different materials and were much less durable than what is used today. And although there are new and stronger materials for roofing available, that doesn’t mean that you should continue on with your roof past its given lifespan. Every professional contractor should know exactly how many years your roof will be expected to stick around, given that there are no accidents or horrible storms. Shingles really only last about fifteen years, twenty if you’re lucky. If you’ve been neglecting updating your roof because you fear that it’s too expensive – wait no more. As soon as you have the money make sure to upgrade it because you will be spending a lot more money down the road if your old roof is what causes a much bigger problem.

  5. 4.Check Your Fasteners and Shingles

    Material such as roof fasteners can easily become damaged or pulled up after a heavy storm or high winds occur. When the fasteners get pulled up, water is easily able to get into the underside of the roof itself and cause other problems. This includes mold (which is harmful to breathe) and severe water damage that can invade your home and cause staining as well. Shingles that are easily deformed or moveable will in time be torn by the wind and leave your roof vulnerable to rain.

  6. 5.How Was the Workmanship?

    Some people get lucky and are able to hire professional roof contractors that have great references on hand, as well as photos of similar projects they’ve completed. For the companies who do not carry these things, you are hiring them based solely on their word. For this reason, many roof leaks are caused by poor workmanship and less-than-professional contractors. To avoid the entire issue, never hire someone without first checking that they have successfully completed roofing projects similar to yours in the past and that their previous customers were (and still are) satisfied.


    Aside from heavy debris and storms, there are a great number of reasons that a roof can develop a leak. You should always look further into the problem to minimize any other damage. Professional roofers can help you to pinpoint your exact problem and culprit, along with help you to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.


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