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5 Roof Vent Cleaning Tips

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > 5 Roof Vent Cleaning Tips
5 Roof Vent Cleaning Tips

Roof vents are often neglected since few people view them as important (or are unsure of their purpose). Either way, cleaning out your roof vents is vital to your home unless you’re okay with the risk of a spontaneous fire. All that heat trapped in your attic needs a way to get out, and odds are that isn’t happening if your vents are clogged.


Unless you feel like paying more for your heat/air, your roof vents should always be relatively clean in order to keep the house’s overall temperature normal. For optimal results and a healthy home, your roof vents should be cleaned out just about every two to three years. We have compiled some tips for you concerning roof vent cleaning.

  1. 1.Dust Is Your Enemy

    All that heat trapped in your attic needs a way to get out, and odds are that isn’t happening if your vents are clogged.

    This applies to a lot of places within your home but none other are more significant than on a rooftop. There is no worse time to get dust in your eyes other than when you are on top of your roof. This means that you should always try to steer clear of cleaning the roof vents on a windy day and to make sure you wear goggles. Don’t underestimate the dust; it really can be quite serious. If you are working around lots of dust, try and make sure that you wear some sort of mouth guard as well. Any type of mask will do – without it, dust particles can get trapped in your throat and irritate it. Dust can also induce asthma attacks for some people.

  2. 2.Check Out Which Vent System You Have

    Your roof venting system may be one large vent or a number of different vents. You will need to look at your vents first in order to figure out how exactly you can fix them. Ventilators, along with attic fans are great to own and will help to increase the air flow in your home all the while saving you money on heating and cooling bills. As long as you know what kind of vent system you have, you will be able to find out exactly what the best way to clean it is. Make sure to clean each individual vent thoroughly to examine for clogged vents and whatnot.

  3. 3.Never Blow Into the Vent

    When working with your air compressor, vacuum or whatever you decide to use – keep in mind that you should never blow directly into the vent you are trying to clean. In order to get optimal results you should take care to angle the cleaner so that you are blowing the dust and dirt away from the vent. The dust should be able to fall on the rooftop, not be settled within the vent.

  5. 4.Roof Drain Vents

    Working with drain vents on the roof can be quite easy as long as you know what you are doing and are not afraid of heights. The drain vents work with the gutters in order to catch the waters flow as it is coming off your roof. In order to access the clogged parts of the drain vents, you will need to unscrew the top and look inside. A hose snake may become your best friend at this point.

  6. 5.Use a Hose

    Using a strong air compressor type hose will help you to blow out debris from vents like the soffit vents often used on roofing. The strong bursts of air will give the vents a good cleaning and push out all the unwanted dust from the area. Whatever you decide to use, go all out and get the heavy duty material so that you can give your vents a thorough cleaning and avoid any future problems or clogs.


    Both your air conditioning and your heating bill will thank you once you’ve cleaned your roof vents. Roof vents help to maintain a stable temperature in the house and make your home work less. Be careful when dealing with ladders and as always please contact a professional roofing contractor if you find that you need specific help with cleaning.

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