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5 Signs of Terrible Interior Decoration

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > 5 Signs of Terrible Interior Decoration
5 Signs of Terrible Interior Decoration

Often there is not enough money in the budget to decorate the way you want to and to pay an interior decorator. You can decorate your own home and get classy results as long as you avoid some of the terrible interior decoration pitfalls. There are many things that seem like a good idea at first but don’t work for the overall look of your home.


There are five definite signs of terrible interior design. By taking these into considerations you should be able to decorate your house in a cohesive and intriguing way.

    If you have many mismatched accessories they tend to look cluttered and take away from the overall vision of the room.
  1. 1.Poor Color Combinations

    Colors can be complicated. There are many colors that you like that might not work for a home or might not work together. You should always try colors on the wall or swatches in a room for a little while before you commit to color combinations. Bad color matching stands out immediately.

  2. 2.Lack of Color

    On the flip side, fear of color also makes a home look as though there is no design. Staying away from all color gives it a lack of cohesive feel to the home and makes things feel quite sterile. This is a bad interior design idea.

  3. 3.Mismatched Accessories

    You should take a holistic approach when choosing accessories and accents. While you can have specialized rooms, when you pick out decorations there should be a natural flow to the items. If you have many mismatched accessories they tend to look cluttered and take away from the overall vision of the room.

  5. 4.Too Much of a Good Thing

    Overdoing a color or a particular type of decoration can destroy the look of the home. Just like Elvis putting shag carpet on the ceiling, there is too much of a good thing and often ruins the aesthetics of the room or the entire home.

  6. 5.Things that are Impractical

    There should be a practicality to the things you put in your home. The decoration should flawlessly encompass proper sitting areas and other functional needs. Bad interior design highlights areas that obviously don’t flow properly with the function of the room and the overall design.


    By keeping these flawed plans in mind you can overcome many of the problems that happen when you take on an interior design project. Be sure to use color and be practical. This usually gets you moving in the right direction.

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