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5 Tips for Treating Cracked Windows

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > 5 Tips for Treating Cracked Windows
5 Tips for Treating Cracked Windows

Glass is a fragile substance and a cracked window is a cracked window, irrespective of how tough and durable the window pane material was touted to be. You can’t always keep an eye on children and if a baseball smacks right into your window, as they seem to do every so often, you may be left with a sobbing child and a cracked window. It is not always possible to get the cracked or broken window corrected by professionals the very same day. Depending on where your home budget stands, it might be quite a few days before you can actually have the cracked window replaced. There are a few tips and tricks for dealing with the situation at least on a temporary level until you can call the professionals in.


There could be many reasons owing to which you have been left with a crack on the window pane that looks small and innocuous but still let’s all the cold air in. Instead of fretting over the cold air and bugs that are finding their way into your home through the cracked window, use your ingenuity to come up with a few solutions for the time being.


A shoe string budget might be one of the reasons that are forcing you to wait before you have that cracked window replaced. Most people just do not have the time needed to oversee the installation of a brand new window at such short notice, whilst juggling jobs and homeowner worries. Window repair and replacement specialists listed online are your best bet when you are hoping to find licensed and experienced professionals to get rid of the errant cracked glass. While you can always trust professionals that are experienced and dedicated, there are a few things that you can do to stall for time before calling anyone.

  1. 1.Prevent Spreading

    It is not always possible to get the cracked or broken window corrected by professionals the very same day.

    The problem with even a minute crack in a glass window is that it does not stay minute! The crack seems to be becoming bigger every single time that you look at it. This isn’t the fruit of a paranoid mind, however, as cracks generally start to lengthen and spread out in no time at all. Prevent a crack in the window pane from spreading by creating a small arc using a glass cutter. This scored arc needs to be placed just above the crack line in a way that it swoops down to surround it. In most cases, the crack will not open up beyond the arc that you have etched into the glass.

  2. 2.Fill Up Small Holes

    If the crack is the result of a BB gun pellet or something similar that has left a hole in your window, try using simple household items like shellac or transparent finger nail paint. After a few coats, the paint will simply merge with the rest of the window and may not even be perceptible if you didn’t know exactly where to look.

  3. 3.Temporary Replacements

    A friendly pitching session played too close to your windows may have resulted in a shattered or cracked glass pane. Keep the cold air out by using the wooden sash or mullions to staple an even bit of thick plastic against the window. Double thickness garbage bags used for heavy duty purposes are easily available and are perfect for this job. Hey, we are not talking aesthetics or beauty here; we just need to get by. This is about being practical, not being pretty.

  4. 4.Quick Fix

    Going to the hardware store for a new window pane may not be feasible in terms of time as well as money. There is no need to suffer from wind and droplets of rain that can make their way in through a crack in the window. Simply apply masking tape on both sides of the glass pane while ensuring that the crack is completely covered.

  5. 5.Super Glue

    Use acetone to clean the cracked area and then carefully fill in the crack with super glue. Apply layers while allowing enough time for the previous layer to dry completely. A few light layers is usually always better than one gigantic layer.


    These tips offer temporary solutions to deal with a cracked glass problem. Deal with the crack before it splits wide open!

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