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5 Tools Every Yard Needs

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 5 Tools Every Yard Needs
5 Tools Every Yard Needs

Most of you who have been blessed with green thumbs also have a penchant for maintaining and cleaning the yard yourself. And some others feel compelled to do so especially if they regularly host outdoors parties and barbecues. As a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you will of course, love to possess the entire repertoire of yard tools to aid you when sprucing up the garden, it is not always feasible. So, most often, you have to make do with only a few chosen ones.


According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), every year, thousands of Americans have to be treated for injuries, cuts, and bruises that have resulted from garden and yard work. Amongst these, many are caused by the use of improper yard tools.


It may not always be because of improper yard tools; it could be because someone is in a rush or does not properly pay attention to what they are doing. Now the point of this article is to talk about the yard tools and that is instrumental for sure, but we just want to emphasize that just because you have the best yard tools available on the market and that are made out of the finest materials, it does not mean you do not need to know how to use them properly.


So, although you may not own the entire gamut of garden tools, make sure that you have in your shed, the following five essential yard tools:

  1. Gardening, you will readily admit, is a back-breaking hobby. Chores like raking leaves after mowing especially leave you feeling drained and your back muscles sore.


    This is a must-have for any yard. It is one multi-purpose tool that you will need for a host of different jobs other than to water your plants and trees—to wet the ground and soften the soil before digging and to wash clean an area. You may also consider buying a garden reel to make the hose less cumbersome to wield.

  2. 2.Spade

    Another must-have for your yard, there is no other tool that will allow you to dig more effectively. You can have your pick from varied sizes and various types. But keep in mind that the short-handled spades are used for flower beds while those with longer handles are generally meant for skimming weeds and lifting soil.

  3. 3.Pruner

    Most gardeners will shudder at the thought of trimming branches and removing flowers with anything other than a pruner. Pruners are available in many sizes and it is a wise idea to buy a long-handled one if you intend to reach to the branches high up without having to balance or perch yourself precariously atop a ladder.

  4. 4.Tub Trugs

    These are over-sized buckets that serve myriad gardening purposes ranging from carrying dirt, fallen leaves, and potting soil to water and fertilizer. You get these in many sizes to suit your specific needs.

  5. 5.Leaf Blowers

    Gardening, you will readily admit, is a back-breaking hobby. Chores like raking leaves after mowing especially leave you feeling drained and your back muscles sore. So you should invest in an electrical or gas-powered leaf blower to help when spring cleaning. However, you always have the option of engaging the services of a professional who will mow your lawn and also do the cleaning up afterwards.


    Although the above are some tools that no yard should go without, you can always choose to not buy one or invest in another, depending on the gardening jobs you regularly undertake. However, the hose, spade, a short-handled pruner, and tub trug are required by most gardeners. Choose your yard tools carefully so that you can work effectively and do not end up “blaming your tools.”

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