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Keep Your Car Happy with a Carport

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Garage > Keep Your Car Happy with a Carport
Keep Your Car Happy with a Carport

In most homes, the space occupied by the vehicles owned by the occupants is second only to the space used by the residents. Most families own more than a single car and probably own a trailer or boat apart from a second car. It is often difficult to find garage space for all the vehicles owned. However, you can easily construct a carport for around one-sixth the cost of a garage and ensure that your vehicles are protected from the harsh sun, rain, hail, and snow. Carports can be freestanding or lean-to structures depending on the available yard space and the building regulations in your locality.

  1. 1.Steel Carports

    One of the sturdiest materials used for carports is steel. Steel carports have galvanized steel pillars or supports and a steel sheet for a roof. Steel carports are heavy and will stay in place even during strong winds. However, they are more difficult to install and quite expensive compared to aluminum pr polyester carports. Steel carports also have a better visual appeal and look good next to modern structures. They can be used for freestanding carports as well as lean-to carports next to the house

  2. 2.Tin Carports

    Tin carports are less expensive than steel and also less durable. They have a tendency to rust more easily, especially if exposed to rain or moisture. However, they are tremendous for use when you need the carport only for a few years. Tin carports lack the aesthetic appeal of steel and are better used in freestanding carports that are located out of sight of the house. They also make ideal cover for haystacks to protect them from the rain.

  3. 3.Aluminum Carports

    Aluminum carports are low weight carports that care easy to install and transport. They are great when you require temporary carports for a big event. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They can be used as freestanding carports located away from the main house or corporate office. Aluminum carports are less expensive than steel or tin carports. They can be used to provide shelter to horses for a short time or used to shelter a large trailer or van. However, the fact that aluminum is light makes this carport not very stable during high winds. It is not advisable to install aluminum carports in areas that experience heavy winds. .

  4. 4.Wood Carports

    Wooden carports are the strongest, most durable, and elegant of all the carports available. When wooden carports are manufactures, the support poles are also made of wood. This wood is treated to ensure that it is termite resistant. All this additional treatment, the weight of the material, and the extra skills required to install it makes a wooden carport more expensive. However, they are fabulous as either lean to or portico carports. This is because the wooden carport will blend well with the design of most homes and ensure that the curb appeal of your property is increased. .

  5. 5.Polyester or Polyethylene Carports

    Polyester or polyethylene carports are the least expensive of all carports. They are made of synthetic material that is stretched over the supporting poles on a frame. This is a lightweight option that provides some cover from the sun and rain for vehicles. These carports are easy to transport and install. However, they cannot withstand high winds or heavy snowfall, making them unsuitable for a permanent carport. .

  6. 6.Get a Carport Installed with Pro Referral

    A carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements without spending as much as you would to get a new garage constructed. However, it is essential to obtain permission from local authorities before installing a carport. If you are too busy to install a carport on your own you can always rely on the services of Pro Referral to get your carport installed.


    Everyone would like to ensure that their vehicles are in better condition by protecting them from the elements. However, with most families having multiple vehicles, the garages attached to the home might not be adequate. Adding a carport to your property is an inexpensive way of ensuring that your vehicles are protected from the harsh weather conditions. Additionally, those who require a short-term or temporary solution to protect additional vehicles can also use carports. Apart from sheltering vehicles carports can be used to provide shelter to horses or even ensure that hay is protected from summer rains.

A carport can be integrated into the overall design structure of the house by converting it into a portico or lean-to shelter. This also provides the additional benefit of requiring less yard space. However, it is also possible to install a standalone carport away from the main house in order to ensure that the architectural beauty of the house is not disturbed in any way. In either case, a carport will ensure that your vehicles last longer, have a better resale value, and cost less in maintenance.


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