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5 Types Crown Molding Even a Royal Would Love

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 5 Types Crown Molding Even a Royal Would Love
5 Types Crown Molding Even a Royal Would Love

When it comes to interior decoration and giving a home the kind of look and feel that the homeowner wants, it is often the small things that make all the difference. Crown molding is one such thing. Depending on the materials and style used, it can transform the look of a home. And because it is up on the ceiling away from harm, it can last for years.


There is a common perception that crown molding must be complex and ornate and so it will be out of place in a home with simple décor. This is completely wrong. Crown molding can add a touch of style and elegance to any home, from the most laidback and minimalist to the most ornate and complex. All that is needed is that the style of molding match the kind of aura and image that the house is expected to project.


Crown molding is usually part of a home remodeling project, but it can be done as a standalone job too. The main thing to keep in mind with crown molding is that the work must be executed perfectly. On the ceiling there is little to distract the eye from the molding and any defects in the way it is done will stick out like a sore thumb. Most handymen claim to be able to do crown molding work but it makes sense to play safe and employ the services of an expert to be sure that you get the best results.

  1. 1.Plaster Moldings

    Plaster molding are the most common. They are sculpted onto the ceiling when they are in a semi-liquid state so that elaborate designs can be created on the spot and contours can be shape to accurately follow he lines of the ceiling. Because it leaves no room for correcting mistakes, this is a job that needs to be done by an expert.

  2. 2.Solid Wood Molding

    Solid wood molding is fabricated off site and then attached to the ceiling. This allows for intricate designs to be created and complex carving work to be done. Depending the type of wood used, you can expect solid wood molding to last for a very long time. The cost will also depend on the type of wood used and the amount of wood work that is required. Because of the weight of the moldings, solid wood may not be suitable for ceiling that cannot carry the weight.

  3. 3.Polyurethane Molding

    Polyurethane moldings are not to be confused with polystyrene ones. Polyurethane is a very dense foam like material that that offers all the advantages of wood but will not splinter, crack or rot the way wood does. It is lightweight and easy to install and can be worked into almost any design.

  4. 4.Flex Molding

    Flex moldings are made from a polystyrene compound that is both easy to work with and long lasting. Because of the malleability of the material, intricate designs are easily created and since it is very lightweight, it can be installed even on older ceiling which cannot carry much weight. If desired, fire resistant flex molding material is also available.

  5. 5.MDF Molding

    MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard offers an economical way to get crown molding done. MDF is not a strong or lasting material and is not suitable for many interior decorating jobs, but because crown molding is on the ceiling and Is not subject to the wear and tear that the lower parts of the house are, it is a viable option. It will not last as long as plaster or solid wood molding, but it is a cost effective solution, especially if you are trying out crown molding in your home for the first time. Once you are sure that this is something you will want to have in your home, you can replace the MDF with a longer lasting material when the time comes to change it.

  6. 6.Get Crown Molding Installed with RedBeacon

    Expertly installed crown molding can give your home a touch of class and elegance that few other interior decoration options can offer. There are many different types of molding that can be used – your choice will depend on esthetics, practicality and cost. Installing crown molding is a job that requires experience and a deft touch to ensure that the finished look is flawless.

    Some people do undertake this as a DIY project, but unless you are a real expert, the risk is usually too high. Crown molding always draws the eye to it and since it stands alone around the edge of the ceiling, there is nothing to distract the eye from any flaws in the design or finish.


    The best way to install or repair crown molding is to have it done by an expert. And the simplest way to find qualified contractors is by registering your requirement on the RedBeacon website. RedBeacon will search its extensive database to find professionals who match your requirements. The online reviews of these contractors will be reviewed to ensure that they are reliable and do quality work. Bids will be obtained from them and passed on to you so that you can decide on whose services you want. Once you make your choice, work will begin as per the schedule given in the bid and once the work is done you will have 24 hours to report any defects of problems to RedBeacon so that they can stop payment. Of course, considering the quality of the professionals that RedBeacon uses, the high quality standards demanded and the guarantee given to clients, the possibility of problems is very remote.

  7. 7.Adding Another Dimension to the Look of Your Home

    Your home is your castle and your refuge from the pressures of the world. You need to feel safe and comfortable there and how your home looks plays a major role in this. Crown molding, if done properly will add a new level of appeal to your home and will last for years. With the right design and proper installation, it a very much a worthwhile investment in your home’s décor.

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