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5 Ways to Keep your Floor Clean

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > 5 Ways to Keep your Floor Clean
5 Ways to Keep your Floor Clean

There are so many types of floors: Asphalt Tile, Brick, Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Flagstone, Slate, Linoleum, Marble, Carpeted, Quarry Tile, Rubber Tile, Terrazzo, Vinyl and Wood Floors. But, don’t be overwhelmed by the choices. We’re going to explore some universal ways to keep your floors clean.

  1. 1.Keep the Dirt Outside

    The most obvious method is to stop dirt from even entering the house. Your targets are the many doorways that lead from the outside to the inside. Make it a family habit to remove dirt from shoes before coming inside. Slap your footwear on the outside steps to remove excess dirt.


    If you don’t have a welcome mat on the outside of every door (even the door leading from the garage), it’s time to make that investment.


    Assign a pair of “inside” shoes to every member of the family. Keep a few extra pair of slippers near the entrance that guests can slip into.


    Dogs track all types of unwanted materials in the house from their outside ventures. That’s why it’s a good idea to get some baby wipes or a place a towel near their main entrance. Once inside, give their paws a light once-over.

  2. 2.Brooms

    A great universal tool in the battle to keep your floors clean is your vacuum.

    An old fashioned straw broom is all that you need for any non-carpeted rooms. You can use one of those new-fangled wet mops, but unlike a broom, be careful what type of floor covering you use it on. Regardless, make this a regular routine.


    High traffic areas should likewise be handled almost daily. By sweeping these spaces regularly you’ll keep dirt and dust from hopping from one room to the next.

  4. 3.Vacuum

    A great universal tool in the battle to keep your floors clean is your vacuum. These hand powered or electrical devices can be used on any surface by simply minding the settings on the wand for either carpets or non-carpeted spots.


    Vacuuming should be done every week, maybe more if you have pets.

  5. 4.Vinegar

    Our grandmothers had it right when they cleaned the floors with vinegar. Its sour aroma is the only downside, especially during the times of the year when it’s too cold to open the windows. One caution: don’t take this route on natural stones or marble.


    The key to cleaning with vinegar is mixing the right proportion of the smelly stuff to a bucket of water. Another way of dispersing this natural cleaning solution is a plastic spray or squirt bottle. Just spritz the area you’re about to clean and mop up the mist.


    If you’re cleaning tile, add a cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water. If your floor is Linoleum or a Laminate, only use a half-cup of vinegar. Hardwood floors require a little extra attention. To that same gallon of water, just add a tablespoon of vinegar. Also, your mopping technique needs to be modified. You don’t want to drench your mop. You only want to apply a lightly damp one to a hardwood surface. And when you’re done, make sure the wood is completely dry as standing water can destroy that type of floor.


    Next time you go grocery shopping, check out the aisle stocked with cleaning materials. In this article, we just talked about the basics, but there are many products you can purchase that may help cut your cleaning time. That’s the bottom line. Time and the right tools will keep your floors clean and add longevity to their lifespan.

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