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5 Ways to Prevent Clutter and Organize Your Home

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > 5 Ways to Prevent Clutter and Organize Your Home
5 Ways to Prevent Clutter and Organize Your Home

When it comes to clutter, just about everyone needs tips on how to prevent clutter and organize your home. The truth is, it is far too easy to acquire too many things over a lifetime that make things messy and difficult to keep up with. This type of mess is actually easily avoidable if you take a few steps to prevent the clutter. You will even find you have more room for the things you really want to keep.

  1. If you are going out shopping, make a space for your new purchases before you leave.

    1.Avoid Clutter Cravings

    Avoiding clutter cravings mean staying away from garage sales and other places where you might pick things up just because they are so “cheap.” When you are in thrift stores and other similar locations you should have a purpose and stick to your list only. Picking up things just because they are inexpensive is not helpful to your “decluttering.”

  2. 2.Deal with Things as They Arrive

    Piles, we all make them and we all promise to get to them. This is a small form of procrastination that can lead to clutter. It expands upon itself because suddenly you can’t put other things away because you need to deal with the pile first. Now you have more of a mess and it is only growing. This also means putting things back when you are done with them. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, don’t procrastinate.

  3. 3.Plan Before You Buy

    If you are going out shopping, make a space for your new purchases before you leave. Try to know where you plan on putting things when you get home. Organize before you leave so you already have a place for the new items and you can get rid of anything you might need to in order to make room for the new purchases.

  5. 4.Don’t Just Take “Freebies”

    It is hard to walk away from free stuff. Everyone is always looking for a deal and “free” is the best deal you can get. The problem is, if you don’t need the stuff or you don’t have room for the items it just creates clutter. This does not help you with your organization and it can often work against you when it comes to making your home more efficient.

  6. 5.Make a Space for Everything

    Finally, in organizing, make a true space for everything. When everything has a place it is much easier to keep things clean. This can include adding drawers or shelves so that it is easier to determine where things go. Once you get in the habit of putting things away you will find the clutter starts to disappear all on its own. Even your unread mail should have a place, it forces you to deal with it as soon as it gets full and reduces piles around the home.


    As you can see, there is no big trick to organizing or dealing with clutter. It is mostly common sense. If you must take freebies and you feel you need to save things, consider building a shed or someplace where you can store these items out of the way. You save tons of time when you are not constantly looking for the things you need and when you do not have to clean up clutter.

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