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5 Ways to Protect Your Drywall

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Drywall > 5 Ways to Protect Your Drywall
5 Ways to Protect Your Drywall

Protecting your drywall is extremely important because your walls are help to insulate the home and create an efficient and durable seal in order to protect you properly. Depending on what you would like to protect your drywall from; whether it be moisture or physical damage – we have put together a list of five different ways you can start protecting you drywall today.


Cracks can easily appear in unprotected drywall, as well as rotting wood. Rotted drywall occurs when there is too much moisture in an area or when a leak goes unfixed. Protecting your drywall is imperative to protecting your home.

  1. 1.Use Drywall Mud

    When sealing off your walls after successfully installing and hanging a new set of drywall layers, drywall mud is a great substance for making the surface much more durable. Drywall mud easily repairs any holes or cracks within the walls themselves and hardens to a strong finish. Drywall mud can easily be painted over and have added texture in order to make the walls look really nice. An extra layer of drywall mud can be just the protection that your walls need.

  2. 2.Use a Green Board

    Protecting your drywall from things like moisture and damage will help to prolong the life of both your walls and your home.

    Green boards, when referring to drywall, are used in areas of the home where drywall may be extra exposed to moisture and water. Green boards are usually utilized in areas like around the bathtub, or perhaps near a laundry machine. Any area of the house where water or moisture can become problem, green boards should be installed. If your drywall is installed without one near a moist area, rotting can occur and cause a whole slew of other problems. Some issues that occur with rotting drywall include mold, trouble breathing and unsightly darkened wall marks.

  3. 3.Use Plastic Panels or a Backsplash

    Using items like plastic panel or stainless steel backsplashes can really make a difference in protecting your drywall from unwanted moisture. Use these items in the bathroom or wherever you want to keep your walls clean. Panels come in extra handy when installed underneath sinks, where plumbing and pipes may leak and cause unknown rotting. Since most drywall underneath sinks is not routinely checked for leaks and whatnot, it is imperative that you install any kind of protection from water so that damage does not occur.

  4. 4.Use Water Resistant Sheetrock

    Using a material like water resistant sheetrock in certain places can be very helpful for moisture-prone areas. In order to prevent damage from leaks or rotting, sheetrock can be placed in areas such as the bathroom or around the kitchen sink in order to properly protect the drywall from being damaged.

  5. 5.Install Peel and Stick Tiles

    If it is within your budget, try and install a set of peel and stick tiles over your drywall. These types of tiles offer extra water resistance and durability in places that it counts. You can choose from a variety of different types in order to match the rest of the room. If you don’t want to use tiles, oil based enamel paint can offer protection for most likely a portion of the price. Use any type of material that is strong and will last for awhile so that you don’t have to come back in a year or two to redo the entire drywall.


    Protecting your drywall from things like moisture and damage will help to prolong the life of both your walls and your home. Taking the extra time now to make sure that your walls will withstand common problems such as leaks and humidity will help to create less work for you in the long run.

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