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5 Ways Your Kids Can Conserve Energy

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Energy Efficiency > 5 Ways Your Kids Can Conserve Energy
5 Ways Your Kids Can Conserve Energy

If you live in a home with children, they may not be educated on exactly how they can help the rest of the household maintain a low-energy output. But there are a lot of different ways that they can contribute to a healthier home! Sit them down one day and go through this list that we have compiled with them. The sooner that you start implementing these tips, the sooner your energy bill will go down!


For a list of great energy-conserving tips your children can follow, read on! Keep in mind that every tip counts, and even if not everything is done – any little bit helps to save energy.

  1. 1.Turn Off Those Lights!

    How many times have you had to tell your little one to turn off the light in their room when they aren’t inside it?

    How many times have you had to tell your little one to turn off the light in their room when they aren’t inside it? Turning off lights in rooms that are being unused is one easy way to save energy. This applies to guest bedrooms as well. Turn off any lights that aren’t needed and you will see the savings add up. Even if you are in a room, doing something simple like turning off the overhead light if you are watching television will help to save money. Also, we would suggest investing in a few candles or flashlights to help lessen the amount of time that a room light needs to stay on.

  2. 2.Remind Them to Unplug

    Tell your children that their computers don’t always need to be turned on, and it can really help your energy bill if you remember to unplug your computer at night. Any kind of appliance charger should always be unplugged as well since they will stream a constant flow of energy to whatever appliance they are attempting to charge – even if the appliance itself is fully charged or even unplugged.

  3. 3.Change the Light Bulbs in Their Room

    CFL light bulbs are much more energy efficient than standard ones. Although they may cost a little bit more to purchase, you get back in energy bill savings what you pay for them. They emit the same amount of light and look the same - they just operate differently. Changing the light bulbs in any reading lamps and overhead lights in the room can really help to conserve overall energy.

  4. 4.Place Insulators Around the House

    Your child can help keep your entire house insulated simply by placing floor insulators on every door. These insulators work similar to stuffing a towel in the bottom crack of the door. In the summer, they will work to keep the cool air from the air conditioning inside of the room while keeping any warm air out. They conserve energy by stabilizing the temperature and not making the air conditioning unit work so hard. Vice versa for the winter, insulators help keep rooms warm and keep that winter frost outside where it belongs.

  5. 5.Put Them In Charge of the Thermostat

    This may seem exciting for some young ones since they will be in charge of something that affects the whole house. If your thermostat does not have a “auto” setting, or if you simply want to give your child more responsibility – teach them how to use the thermostat and keep a chart by it of times when it should be changed. Changing the thermostats temperature depending on time of day can help a lot to conserve energy.


    Children should never be excluded from anything that affects the whole house, and knowing that they can do something to help can strengthen their own sense of empowerment. Plus it saves money, so it’s really a win-win situation.

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