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5 Winter Benefits from a Heat Cable Installation

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Seasonal > 5 Winter Benefits from a Heat Cable Installation
5 Winter Benefits from a Heat Cable Installation

Snow and ice are beautiful to look at, but they can wreak havoc on your home during the cold winter months – especially on your roof. It’s always a bad idea to let water linger on your roof, but after a big snowstorm that’s exactly what happens. Heavy snow and ice can weigh down your roof and cause it to sag. Lingering snow can cause damage to all the parts that work together to create your roof. It can also clog your gutters, making it harder for them to move the moisture away from your roof as the snow melts.


One solution that homeowners turn to is heat cables. Electric heating cables run inside gutters and downspouts to help stop snow and ice from collecting and making it easier for those parts to do their job once the weather gets cold.


A heat cable is an electric product that is used to prevent ice from collecting on roofs and in gutters. It can be cut to any length. Some products provide a constant stream of warmth and others have self-timers.


There are good reasons to use heating cables on your home – and one important reason why you shouldn’t. Read on to learn the five winter benefits from a heat cable installation.

  1. Snow and ice are beautiful to look at, but they can wreak havoc on your home during the cold winter months.

    1.Avoid Cracks and Breaks

    When water gets into spaces and freezes, it expands. Then, when it melts, it takes up less space. This process can lead to cracks and breaks on your roof. However, by keeping parts of your roof warm, you make it harder for this freeze-thaw cycle to happen.

  2. 2.Avoid Water Damage

    What can go wrong when water lingers too long on and near your home: foundation problems, shingle problems, mold and mildew or even problems to the exterior of your home. Those are headaches you don’t want.

  3. 3.A Professional Touch

    You can install heat cables by yourself as a do-it-yourself job, but this is also a good opportunity to bring a pro to help. Professionals know how to produce good work while working up high on a roof. They also know a lot about the patterns of water runoff and the best places to put your cables to maximize their effectiveness. They can even use the opportunity to give your roof a good inspection – something that you should do anyway.

  5. 4.Help your Gutters Work more Effectively

    By helping to preserve your gutters, you help guarantee that they’ll work effectively. Gutters are placed on your roof to help ensure water runs away from your home and is deposited somewhere safe. However, if they are cracked or clogged they can’t do their job properly – and that could mean serious water damage.

  6. 5.Set it and Forget it

    There are some winterization projects that homeowners are advised to do every year. However, this isn’t one of them. Put up your heating cables this year, and you won’t have to worry about them for a long time.


    There is one time, however, when heat cables might not be the solution for you. If you experience ice dams on your roof, you may need to think of another option to stop them. Ice dams happen when the water on your roof thaws, and then freezes again without moving off of your roof. In this case, it’s best to contact a roofing professional to figure out why this is happening and the best course of action to stop it.


    It’s always good to think about the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of certain safety measures on your home – and adding heating cables is a great way of doing just that. Learn all you can and contact a pro – heating cables may help keep you cool and calm this winter.

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