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6 Different Stamped Concrete Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Patio & Walkway > 6 Different Stamped Concrete Ideas
6 Different Stamped Concrete Ideas

The word "concrete" may still conjure mental images of dull, grey, industrial material for many homeowners, but those who have seen how beautiful and unique modern concrete installations can be know that concrete can be made into a lot more than sidewalks. Today's designer concrete installations have not only a striking aesthetic, they also have the durability and strength of a material that holds up some of the most important buildings on earth.


The American Concrete Institute defines decorative concrete as "concrete that has received treatments to create aesthetic effects. These treatments may include coloring, polishing, texturing, embossing, molding, etching, applying cementitious toppings, embedding items, or a combination of these." One of the most popular forms of decorative concrete employed today is "stamped" concrete, produced by imprinting patterns in concrete that is freshly poured. Stamped concrete is an extremely versatile material with incredible strength; if you've been considering an upgrade to your patio, walkway, driveway, or even your kitchen, these 6 ideas will help you understand why so many people are now choosing this material over its competitors.

  1. 1.Stamped Concrete Works Wonders Around Pools

    Though this material can be an asset in many different residential locations, stamped concrete probably shines the brightest around the backyard pool. Not only can this material be stained to perfectly match its surroundings, it can also be textured to give extra traction--an excellent fit for pool and spa surroundings that are likely to get wet.

  2. Choosing stamped concrete instead plain concrete or stone allows homeowners to enhance the look of their property while keeping prices affordable.
  3. 2.In Bathrooms, Stamped Concrete Offers Durability As Well As Beauty

    Few floors in your home have it as rough as the bathroom. Besides seeing heavy traffic and being exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, the bathroom floor must also be easy to clean and sanitize. Stamped concrete offers a wide variety of appearances and textures, but it also lends bathrooms a strong, continuous base that requires very little maintenance. Cheaper than stone and more durable than most other flooring materials, stamped concrete is a bathroom flooring option well worth considering.

  4. 3.Spruce Up Driveways and Garage Floors

    The dull, gray driveways and garage floors of past decades is no longer your only option; stamped and stained concrete can give these areas an aesthetic that's as unique as you are while maintaining the tough-as-nails durability concrete is known for. The best time to opt for designer concrete in these areas is before the pour, as texturing is typically performed while the concrete is still wet.

  5. 4.Kitchen Flooring That's Hard to Beat

    Kitchens are right up there with bathrooms when it comes to flooring abuse. Choosing designer concrete in this area has all of the same benefits of choosing concrete for bathroom floors, but because kitchens are typically much more expansive than bathrooms, the easy upkeep of concrete flooring in kitchen spaces will be even more beneficial.

  6. 5.Patios and Porches

    Moving back outside, stamped and stained concrete is an excellent fit for areas like patios and porches. Again, the unparalleled versatility and unbeatable strength of this material makes it difficult to match in outdoor settings. Here, however, many folks have found that stamping concrete to look like brick pavers or solid stone gives the whole installation an extra dollop of charm.

  7. 6.Stamped Concrete for Paths and Walkways

    Many homes already have concrete paths and walkways on their property; this is because it is an affordable, flexible choice for these areas that will last a long time without much maintenance. Unfortunately, the concrete walks that adorn most landscapes are as plain and drab as city sidewalks. Choosing stamped concrete instead plain concrete or stone allows homeowners to enhance the look of their property while keeping prices affordable. And just like at poolside, your stamped concrete walks and pathways can be textured to give additional traction, helping you and your family avoid slips during ugly weather.

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