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8 Upgrades Every Great Kitchen Has

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Kitchen > 8 Upgrades Every Great Kitchen Has
8 Upgrades Every Great Kitchen Has

You’ve managed with your kitchen for long enough and it’s finally time to move forward with a kitchen remodel. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have the kitchen of your dreams. Planning a kitchen upgrade takes careful thought to make sure you incorporate every important detail in your project.


The U.S. Department of Energy provides useful information for homeowners about upgrading kitchen appliances to improve water efficiency. You might be surprised at the energy efficiency improvements you can add to your kitchen with basic upgrades that will improve both form and function.


Check out eight upgrades that every great kitchen has and make sure your kitchen fits this standard of excellence.

  1. 1.Up-To-Date Cabinets

    Worn and dated cabinetry in a kitchen can give the entire room a sad appearance. By upgrading your cabinets, your kitchen can instantly look more appealing and pleasant – the perfect spot to gather with family and friends. Lighter cabinetry will lighten the feel of your kitchen and make it seem more spacious. Glass doors and cabinets with lighting underneath can increase this effect.

  2. 2.Kitchen Islands

    A kitchen island can serve multiple purposes in the kitchen – food prep, storage and as an eat-in spot with stools. Make the surface of the island match the rest of your countertops with matching cabinets underneath and the island will fit your kitchen perfectly. If matching your other kitchen features doesn’t suit you, try installing a butcher-block island for a rustic complement to the rest of a casual kitchen. As beautiful as the butcher-block countertop is, you can also relax as you use it because this surface will stand up to hard kitchen abuse.

  3. 3.Big Fridges and Freezers

    The bigger-is-better trend has hit refrigerators and freezers in a big way. Integrate the commercial style look of a large refrigerator into your kitchen and you will not only increase your convenience, you add an instant upper-end caliber to your kitchen. These super-capacity refrigerators/freezer units can have capacities of up to 50 cubic feet, making them ideal for large families or people who enjoy entertaining. Choose from a variety of customizable interiors to fit your needs and kitchen décor, including panels that match cabinetry, stainless steel and even glass doors.

  4. 4.Walk-in Pantry

    Once you start imagining and designing a kitchen upgrade, a walk-in pantry usually makes a perfect addition. With a convenient pantry, full of deep shelves, you can store bulk foods, canned goods, cookbooks, dishes and even countertop appliances that you don’t use every day. In fact, if you have the room, devote one wall of the pantry to countertop space and house appliances such as coffee maker, toaster, blender and food processor there to free up your main countertop areas in the kitchen. Once everything has a home in your pantry, you’ll find items quickly and easily. You can also keep an organized inventory of the food items you have when it’s time to restock your pantry.

  5. 5.Granite Countertops

    One of the many beautiful features of granite countertops is the variety of colors you have for choosing. Make a bold statement with the color of your granite countertops or choose to coordinate or contrast beautifully with your cabinetry. Light also reflects beautifully off granite surfaces, which can create an inviting and bright feel in your kitchen. What’s more, the smooth surfaces of a granite countertop can make food preparation simple and pleasant. Go right ahead and place warm items such as pans and plates directly onto the granite surfaces as well – no worries about damaging these hard-as-stone countertops!

  6. 6.Fan/Vent

    As you update the usefulness, design and efficiency of your kitchen, don’t forget to consider a new fan and vent system to help keep your kitchen operating smoothly and pleasantly. Sleek range hoods can mount directly onto the wall above a stovetop or from the ceiling. Some range hoods mount lower in relation to the range, using a down-draft design to eliminate odors and moisture. Choose a fan and vent system with the design features that fit your needs and style. Some systems have a larger size and strength to handle larger areas and appliances. It’s important for the hood you select to cover the entire width of your range and a minimum of half of the area of your range top. The highest-quality fans and vents include digital controls and fans with variable speeds, often even providing heat and particulate sensors that activate the fan and vent when necessary to keep your kitchen cleaner.

  7. 7.Modern Cooktop

    A distinctive cooktop can transport your kitchen into a new realm. Look for a cooktop with ceramic glass top to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. Different element sizes will accommodate cookware pieces of various sizes. Radiant ceramic elements ensure that the cooktop responds quickly and reliably when you turn it on, off or adjust the heat. Look for a heated surface indicator connected with each element to indicate which elements are hot. Ceramic glass is also scratch resistant.

  8. 8.Breakfast Nook

    When the family wants to congregate in the kitchen, a breakfast nook area can be the ideal spot for gathering. Build built-in benches along a corner for comfortable seating. Make the benches match your other cabinetry to tie the kitchen nook into the rest of the kitchen. If you add cushions to the benches, your breakfast nook might be comfortable enough for extended sitting and visiting. Add a pedestal table along with the benches and the breakfast nook makes the perfect spot for eating, homework or just visiting.


    Once you begin imagining the possibilities, your kitchen upgrade can be the perfect way to make your kitchen more user-friendly, pleasant and beautiful. Consider a kitchen upgrade to be an investment that will benefit you for the long-term. It can increase the value of your home, add selling features that potential home buyers will appreciate as well as increase your enjoyment as you use your home.

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