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How Much Does an Accessible Ramp Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Deck & Porch > How Much Does an Accessible Ramp Installation Cost?
How Much Does an Accessible Ramp Installation Cost?

Installing an accessible ramp provides safe, convenient access to your home for those who are unable to negotiate stairs. The location, length, and materials for your ramp project are primary factors in pricing the installation, but added aesthetic features, landscaping, and modifications to your home also contribute to overall costs. Local building codes determine the width, slope, and safety features you will need to incorporate into your ramp, but your designer or contractor help you integrate an accessible ramp that complements the style of your home.

Average Prices

Ramp Locations

Accessible ramps are typically associated with exterior entrances, but are often added to a home’s interior to provide access between elevations or make threshold conversions. Since the ramp’s location may influence landscaping, paving, and decorative elements that are used, prices vary with the access point for your ramp. Nationally, prices for accessible ramp projects average $490 for a front door installation compared to $492 at the back door and $1267 for a side door project. Indoor ramp installations average $814 and also vary with the type and size of ramp as well as the finishes used to integrate the ramp with your home’s décor.


Assistance Purpose

While building codes define the minimum width, maximum slope or incline, and other safety requirements, you may choose to customize your ramp to suit a specific type of assistance device. Handrails, landings, flooring surfaces and other features can increase comfort and convenience for family members and guests. Ramps designed for manual wheelchairs are installed for an average price of $557, compared to those intended for walkers, which average $397 to install, and $557 for ramps designed for motorized scooters.


Wood Ramp Construction

Wood is a popular choice of building materials for accessible ramps, as it can be easily customized to complement the style and features of most homes. Wooden ramps are generally constructed by carpenters and can be finished with a number of paints and stains to incorporate their structure with that of your house and landscaping. The overall size of the structure and the intricacy of trim details contribute to project costs which range from $220 to $754 across the U.S. Proper sealing and ongoing maintenance of wood elements will help prevent damage from exposure to weather and may add to overall costs.


Metal Ramp Installations

Metal ramp systems are often customized and pre-fabricated for efficient installations, and can generally be removed or relocated with little impact to your home if needed. While metal accessibility ramps are not easily incorporated into the design style of most homes, they are extremely durable and have minimal maintenance costs. Prices for the installation of a metal ramp range from $882 to $1677 nationally, and are affected by the size and features of your selected ramp system.


Concrete Ramps

Building a concrete ramp provides durable, low-maintenance access to your home that can be smoothly integrated with your home’s landscaping. Building codes define whether handrails must accompany your concrete ramp, so your choice of construction materials for handrails or other safety features will impact overall project costs. Typically, costs for installing a concrete access ramp fall between $1432 and $2377 and will vary with the size and features of construction as well as with your choice of finishes and landscaping elements.


Installing an Accessible Ramp for Your Home

Consider both the structure and features of your access ramp as you prepare for your accessible ramp installation project. While choices in materials and finishes affect installation and maintenance prices, incorporating a ramp with your existing structure may require modification to your home’s doors or entries. Discuss with your contractor if adding a ramp will require changing any of your home’s features that will add to the overall costs of the installation. Anticipating the impact of structure and construction as well as your design choices will help as you plan and budget for your project.

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