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How Much Does an Accessible Ramp Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Deck & Porch > How Much Does an Accessible Ramp Repair Cost?
How Much Does an Accessible Ramp Repair Cost?

An accessibility ramp is an important device for families that require simplified entry to their homes. Repairing damage and wear to these ramps is essential for maintaining safe access for those who are unable to navigate stairs. Repair costs vary with the location, features, and materials of your ramp as well as with the nature of damage. Assess specific problems as well as the overall condition of your ramp to help determine the extent and costs of repairs.

Average Prices

Ramp Location

The complexity of making repairs to access ramps is often affected by their location. Obstacles or landscaping features that your contractor must work around may impact the level of difficulty of the job, and the distance from parking areas may complicate moving materials and tools to the repair site. National prices average $285 for repairing exterior ramps at the front door versus $238 at a back door and $214 at a side door, while indoor ramp repair projects cost an average of $402.


Repairs and Ramp Usage

Accessible ramps are often customized to accommodate specific mobility aids. Features and materials may vary between installations, but repair costs are typically affected by the nature of the repair and the materials involved. Repair prices for common applications average $263 for ramps designed for manual wheelchairs compared to $127 for walkers and $231 for motorized scooters.


Ramp Materials

With different construction materials subject to a variety of wear and damage issues, the type used in your ramp will help determine the cost for your project. Repairs to wooden ramps can often be accomplished with standard lumber and carpentry tools, costing an average of $451, nationally. Though many metal ramp repairs can be made with basic parts and common tools, some may require welding or specialized replacement parts, and cost an average of $219. Concrete ramps may suffer cracks, shifting or breakage and cost $286 to repair, on average.


Repairing a Broken Railing

Building codes require that most accessible ramps be fitted with handrails. Prices in the U.S. range from $165 to $530 for repairing railings that have become unstable or are damaged. The complexity of repairs often depends on the type of materials used for railings and the method with which they are attached to the ramp structure.


Repairs for Ramp Failures

Excessive damage may render access ramps unsafe or unusable, whether from exposure to the elements, lack of proper maintenance, or from shifting and settling. If the deck surface of your ramp is in disrepair or the underlying structure is inadequate, thorough restoration may be necessary to get the ramp back in service. The type and extent of damage will determine the skills, tools and materials needed to make repairs, prices for which are typically between $127 and $409.


Non-Skid Surface Issues

Ramps are generally equipped with non-skid surface treatments to prevent slippage. Wood and metal ramps often have rolled-on or adhesive traction treatments applied that can deteriorate over time, requiring replacement or reapplication. Textured treatments are often incorporated in the finish of concrete ramps, and though more durable than applied traction products, may wear down with usage and need resurfacing. Repairs for traction surface problems on accessible ramps range in price from $77 to $153, varying with the materials and skills required for the job.


Slope Issues

Slope, or the angle of incline, for access ramps is an important factor in the safety and ease of use of the device. Correct slope is specified in local building codes and is intended to provide a comfortable, yet safe and efficient grade for ascending and descending a ramp. Improper installation, shifting and damage can lead to incorrect slope and cause difficulty using the ramp. Depending on the nature of the problem, structural changes may be needed to correct a ramp’s incline. The extent of modifications contribute to repair prices between $216 and $463, which will vary with the construction materials used in your ramp’s construction and foundation.


Planning for Repairs to an Accessible Ramp

Keeping your ramp in good condition will help ensure safe access for family and guests at your home. While many factors contribute to the expense of repairs, understanding the construction, usage, and features of your ramp will help you anticipate the complexity and cost of your repair project.

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