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Accessible Ramp Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Accessible Ramp Repair Guide
Accessible Ramp Repair Guide

When your home requires accessibility for people with disabilities, an accessible ramp will be a requirement. Over time and with use, the ramp may develop structural issues that cause safety or appearance problems and will necessitate repairs to damaged sections.


Ensure that your accessible ramp remains usable and attractive for friends and family. A professional contractor can provide important assistance to ensure that the ramp works correctly and to keep materials strong and attractive for years to come.

  1. 1.The Anatomy of an Accessible Ramp

    When you have family members or friends who cannot navigate stairs, an accessible ramp solves the problem of entering and exiting the home for disabled people. A ramp must feature a gentle incline to eliminate the need for steps to enter the home. The incline must not be so great that it creates a safety issue for people navigating the ramp in a wheelchair or with a walker. Ramps can have a variety of shapes, including straight, L-shaped and U-shaped.


    Depending on the space available, a ramp might even feature a switchback. Some ramps may also have a bypass area with stairs for individuals who do not need to use the ramp at all. The ramp should feature a railing to provide additional support as people navigate up or down it. You might also consider adding nonskid surfaces to the ramp on the inclined areas to provide grip as people walk or roll along the surface. An accessible ramp must meet local building codes for safety and accessibility.

  2. 2.Common Repairs

    Over time and with exposure to weather elements, an accessible ramp may show signs of wear and breakdown. A wood ramp will need regular maintenance to the wood surfaces to ensure that they stay protected from moisture. This will involve cleaning the wood and reapplying a stain or sealant product.


    If any portion of the ramp becomes unstable or unsafe, repairs will be necessary to restore the ramp to safe working order. Safety issues might involve nonskid surfaces coming loose or detaching from the ramp. Wood railings may also break, in which case a contractor would need to remove the broken railing and replace it with a new one. As the wood contacts the ground, decay might occur from moisture. Repair would involve replacing decaying portions of the ramp with new pieces of wood. If a ramp contains metal materials, the metal could rust. Regular maintenance will be necessary to prevent rust from developing.


    If any vegetation or trees exist around the ramp, maintain control of this growth. Do not allow debris to fall on the ramp because the leaves could create slippery areas. Debris might also contribute to wood decay over time. Trim back vegetation so it does not touch the ramp to keep the wood strong.

  3. 3.Hiring a Professional

    Hiring a professional to repair an accessible ramp should be a straightforward process. A general contractor has the skills and experience to assess issues with the ramp and make repairs. A handyman should also have the skills necessary to perform general carpentry work involved with maintaining wood, applying a stain or sealant, and taking care of general repairs such as replacing parts of the ramp.

  4. 4.Possible Problems

    A ramp with structural issues might need repairs. If a slope is too steep, the ramp won’t meet building codes for safety. The recommended slope of a ramp is not more than 1:12 to ensure a safe incline for all users. People using the ramp might not be able to control speed as they proceed down the slope of the ramp, which could create safety issues. If railings are not in good repair, the ramp may create significant safety problems. A ramp longer than 30 feet should have a flat resting area in the middle of it to enable people to stop and rest as they move along the ramp.


    Some homeowner’s associations have strict guidelines for the appearance of accessible ramps. If a ramp does not meet these guidelines, a homeowner will need to remedy the infractions to ensure that the ramp fits the neighborhood codes.


    Check the areas at both the top and the bottom of the ramp to ensure that these areas are level and safe. The porch at the top of the ramp should have railings surrounding it for safety.

  5. 5.Costs of Repairs

    The costs to repair an accessible ramp depend on your geographical area, the materials used for the ramp and the nature of the repairs. The general prices for making repairs to a ramp range between $135 and $641. The average price to repair a ramp is $300. To fix a broken railing, structural issues or to replace nonskid surfaces, repair costs range between $133 and $676.

  6. 6.Redbeacon

    Use Redbeacon’s connections to find a professional to repair an accessible ramp. Receive a comprehensive list from Redbeacon, listing names of professionals who will handle the project. Choose the contractor you want to use for the project and Redbeacon will hire the professional for you. Redbeacon will also manage the job to ensure timely and correct completion. After work concludes, the payment you sent through Redbeacon will transfer to the professional to conclude the process. You also have Redbeacon’s satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you’re happy with the work.


    Revamp your accessible ramp to ensure it’s safe and efficient for friends and family to use. By maintaining the wood and the various components of the ramp correctly, you can guarantee that the ramp will last for years.

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