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Advantages of Hiring a Septic Tank Professional

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Septic Tank > Advantages of Hiring a Septic Tank Professional
Advantages of Hiring a Septic Tank Professional

Dealing with a major septic tank issue is pretty much a no-brainer. You need to hire a pro. Think about it: Why would you want to have anything to do with the guts of a solid waste system? It’s dangerous because of the gasses and bacteria that the septic tank creates. And it really smells bad. Really bad. Leave it alone. Contact with a specialist who has experience in the matter.

  1. Sprucing-up a septic tank is a job for professionals.


    As we said, the waste water that your family has produced is bubbling-over with harmful pollutants. Stuff that will not only make the unprepared DIYer sick, but can contaminate the immediate vicinity and beyond.


    The process, which consists of pumping, draining and cleaning, is not child’s play. Let’s say you choose to mow your own lawn. While clipping the turf, you accidentally grind-up a part of the spouse’s new bed of flowers. Say you’re sorry and buy a replacement set of greenery.


    Septic tanks are nothing like mowing a lawn. You need a heck of lot more machinery to get the job done. You need experience. You need to do it quickly and efficiently. This is one job you want done correctly.

  2. 2.Right From The Start

    Unless you live outside-the-law, most local governments require that your system is not only properly designed and installed. They may also have an ordinance that strongly suggests preventive action needs to be taken with your septic system on a regular basis.


    Once your personal waste-water treatment plant has been installed, local health authorities will generally give the system a once-over.


    Some maintenance you can do … but not much. You can make sure you keep the microbiology happy by feeding it billions of bacteria and enzymes in the form of a store-purchased material. Beyond that, you need a pro.

  3. 3.What Happens Next

    After a certain amount of time, the waste in the tank will grow. A specialist can pump-out the effluvia and take it to an off-site, approved location.


    By not removing the stuff, things will start to clog. The pipes will become effectively corked. When that happens, you get overflow. At the end-cycle of everything going haywire, you are facing major repairs at a price-tag of between $5,000-to-$10,000.

  4. 4.Pumping Schedule

    This is something that totally depends on a variety of things: Tank size, how many people use it and the volume of waste generated. For full-time use with a 4-person family that has a garbage disposal, once-per-year is a good schedule. For a summer place that’s only visited for a month every year, an annual shakedown will not be necessary. Check with a professional. They’re prepared to offer an analysis and set up a schedule. Plan in advance. You don’t want your vacation messed-up by a septic system that’s gone awry.


    Let’s say that the minimum size of your tank can handle is about 750 gallons and is hooked-up to a 2-bedroom house. A local expert will be able to give you a good time estimate for when this type of maintenance-action needs to be taken.

  5. 5.Professional Cred

    Finding any type of contractor, septic tank or not, requires you to investigate if they are the best person for the job. It all begins with a little research:


    • Make a list of 3-or-4 potential contractors.


    • Head over to the Better Business Bureau website and see if anyone has cited them for shoddy work.


    • Ask the ones you’ve picked if they have comprehensive insurance, are bonded and have all necessary licenses.


    • Get a list of referrals and how long ago the work was done.


    • Carefully read the contract. Don’t be afraid to say, “Can I look at this overnight?”


    • Find out if they have a warranty for their work and what it covers.

  6. 6.For Your Protection

    If you’re in an area where the local, county or state government doesn’t require that the contractor have insurance; only hire from the pool that has comprehensive liability. Ask if the owner has Workers Comp for their employees.


    Sprucing-up a septic tank is a job for professionals. If you have the confidence that you’re hiring an expert, make an appointment. But again, check their credentials. This is not a gig you want to leave up to a shade-tree mechanic.

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