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Advantages of an Outdoor Wood Shed

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Advantages of an Outdoor Wood Shed
Advantages of an Outdoor Wood Shed

A shed is a small single room structure that is primarily used for storage purposes. They can be very basic structures with just 4 walls, a roof, and a door where everything to be stored is just dumped on the ground. Or they can be sophisticated with lights, windows, shelves for storage, and cabinets for storing delicate items and material. An outdoor wood shed is, as the name suggests, primarily made for storing firewood and keeping the wood dry. But it can also be used to store garden tools and outdoor furniture, as a workshop or a place to pursue hobbies and much more. Depending on its size, a wood shed can have multiple uses beyond that of simply storing wood.

  1. Depending on its size, a wood shed can have multiple uses beyond that of imply storing wood.

    1.Types of Wood Sheds

    Wood was the first building material available to man and one of the first uses for it was to be used for sheds to keep firewood dry. Although, over thousands of years, construction methods have become more sophisticated, the basic concept of the wood storage shed remains unchanged. A wood shed can be made from almost any building material. Metal, concrete, and vinyl sheds are common. These have the advantage of being weather resistant and long lasting. If a shed is not able to keep the wood stored inside it dry, it does not fulfill its main purpose. But the most common material used for constructing and outdoor wood shed is wood itself.


    The design of the wood shed can be anything from a simple pole shed which is just 4 poles and a roof to an elaborate structure that looks like a small house with doors, windows, and even a front porch. Any design is possible, but the basic reason for having a wood shed – that of storing wood for later use – must not be forgotten. Similarly the size of the shed will depend on the amount of wood to be stored and any other uses the owner may have in mind.


    Typically, a wood storage shed made of metal will look like a miniature barn with a large front door. Prefabricated sheds in a wide variety of designs and materials are available at garden supply and hardware stores. Most are designed for easy DIY installation. You can find details of outdoor wood shed manufacturers and suppliers online and building a stable and solid wood shed should certainly increase the value of your home and property.


    The wood shed can be located near the home or at the far end of the garden (if you have one). It depends on what kind of access the homeowner wants and what location will look the best. Better Homes and Gardens magazine says that besides their utility value a shed can be ”an asset to the landscape, without calling attention to itself.”

  2. 2.Why an Outdoor Wood Shed is a Striking and a Terrific Idea

    An outdoor shed can be used for many purposes; it all depends on the homeowner’s needs. Here are some of the most common applications:


    1. The first is of course to store dry firewood for later use.

    2. The shed can be used to store gardening supplies and equipment and if you run some pipes out there and install a sink, you can wash your hands or tools in the shed as well.

    3. It is a convenient place to store garden furniture when not in use.

    4. It is safer to store flammable or hazardous materials in a shed rather than in the home.

    5. A shed can be used as a workshop and you can hang a flat screen TV on the wall after you run some electrical lines to the shed bringing power. You and your friends could enjoy yourselves.

    6. An outdoor shed is the ideal place for hobbies such as carpentry or metal working which are too noisy and messy to be done in the home or in your garage.

    7. It is a convenient place to park bicycles, motorbikes, and ATVs.

    8. If the shed is large enough and can be partitioned, it can make be used as a “man cave” or, with a comfortable chair and reading light, a place to sit quietly and read.

    9. Similarly, if there is adequate space, it can be used as a playroom for children or a place for teens to hang out (but sheds are almost never built for these purposes).

    10. The shed can be used to store anything which is not in regular use and for which there isn’t enough pace in the house.

  4. 3.The Shed You Need

    The shed you need will depend on what you want to use it for and the space available. It is a wise and marvelous idea to choose a shed that is bigger than what you think will be enough. Once the shed is available, new uses for it will be found and ending up with an outdoor shed that is too small is a common problem.

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