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Advantages of Sliding Mirror Doors

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Advantages of Sliding Mirror Doors
Advantages of Sliding Mirror Doors

As you choose features for your home’s interior, you have a variety of styles from which to choose. For closet doors, you might opt for sliding mirror doors to provide dual service of both a door and a mirrored surface for a bedroom.


If you opt for sliding mirror doors, read the Home Safety Training Manual to ensure that your doors are safe for any children in the home. With careful adjustments for safety, you and your family can enjoy the ease of use and attractive appearance of sliding mirror doors.


Knowing the advantages of sliding mirror doors may help you determine whether this door style fits your needs.

  1. The larger mirrored surface can also help create the illusion of more space in a smaller room and it helps add extra light to a dark area.

    1.Sliding Mirror Door Overview

    A sliding mirror door consists of at least two panels and sometimes more than two. These panels operate parallel of each other, sliding along tracks at the top and bottom of the doorway. A sliding door with two doors will provide 50 percent access to a closet as one panel slides almost completely behind the other panel. If you have more than two panels, generally the access to the closet will be reduced. For best results, choose a sliding mirror door for a closet opening that is 48 inches wide or more due to the reduced access of the sliding doors.

  2. 2.Space Advantage of Sliding Mirror Doors

    When space in the room is limited, sliding mirror doors can be a distinct advantage. With a standard door, you would have to pull the door out into the room to have access to a closet. With a bi-fold or tri-fold door, you will also lose space as you fold the door out into the room.


    Conversely, with a sliding door, one panel slides behind the other panel so that no parts of the door protrude out into the room space. This eliminates any need for minimum clearance for doors at the closet doorway.

  3. 3.Reflection Benefits

    Because the door area of a sliding mirror door is so large to accommodate a larger closet opening, the mirrored surface will be larger. This larger surface provides less interruption in the reflection surface. The larger mirrored surface can also help create the illusion of more space in a smaller room and it helps add extra light to a dark area. When you add a mirror to your room as a mirrored door, you eliminate the need for additional mirrors elsewhere in the room.

  5. 4.Safety Benefits

    Many sliding mirror doors come with added safety features such as unbreakable mirror surfaces. Another important feature is the bottom track of the sliding door. Although some designs have the bottom track as optional, the bottom track stabilizes the mirror panels. This stabilization adds safety, more reflection and improved function as you operate the sliding doors.

  6. 5.Custom Sizes

    Choose a manufacturer that offers custom sizes in the sliding mirror door. If you have an odd or unusual doorway opening, the manufacturer can build the sliding doors to accommodate your doorway size. Often, even custom sliding doors are an economical choice for home construction.


    Once you see the advantages of sliding mirror doors, you may wish to install one in a bedroom. Whether you’re building and choosing features or you’re remodeling, mirrored doors can enhance and open up a bedroom space beautifully.

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