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Advantages of Storm Doors

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Advantages of Storm Doors
Advantages of Storm Doors

A well-made storm door completes the look of your home’s entryway. With a storm door, you can let in the sunshine of a beautiful day while still keeping your home locked up tight. And that’s not all – a good storm door can help keep your energy bills down.

  1. 1.Added Security of Storm Doors

    Your storm door can be an attractive way to enhance your home’s primary door.

    Storm doors offer another layer of protection to keep unwanted intruders out of your home. How? Well, storm doors usually have another lock, separate from your home’s primary door. That means a would-be thief would have to get past both to get into your home. Also, storm doors can offer all kinds of extra security features like bars, break-resistant glass or a three-point lock system. Thieves look for easy, open opportunities when looking for potential victims, so anything you can do to make your home not worth the effort is a good thing.

  2. 2.Storm Door Energy Efficiency Benefits

    Storm doors aren’t just good at helping keep bad guys out – they keep the air inside your home, in. That means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, and you don’t have to spend as much on your energy bills. The Department of Energy says that good quality storm doors use low-emissivity glass or glazing. What’s that? It’s a way of controlling the way heat flows in and out of your home. “To keep the sun’s heat out of the house (for hot climates, east and west-facing windows and unshaded south-facing windows, the Low-E coating should be applied to the outside pane of glass,” the department says. “If the windows are designed to provide heat energy in the winter and keep heat inside the house, the Low-E coating should be applied to the inside pane of the glass.”

  3. 3.Attractiveness of Storm Doors

    Your storm door can be an attractive way to enhance your home’s primary door. The right door can set off a uniquely paint color, and specialized iron-work can add detail and design. There are thousands of different kinds of storm doors on the market – there is sure to be one to suit your tastes.

  5. 4.Why Storm Doors are a Smart Investment

    A well-made storm door isn’t cheap, but it will last for a long time. That’s a good thing, because they often have to endure things like wind, rain and snow. They’ll help your primary door last longer, too, because they will take on much of the brunt of damaging elements. Finally, with many storm doors you are actually getting two doors in one. There is the glass you can use in the winter, and a screen you can use during the summer to keep fresh air flowing inside your home.


    Have you made your decision yet? If you do decide to purchase a screen door, remember to buy quality and have it installed correctly. A broken or ill-fitting door isn’t just an annoyance, when it comes to energy efficiency you could be watching your money go flying away.

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