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How Much Does a Television Antenna Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > How Much Does a Television Antenna Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Television Antenna Installation Cost?

Over the air television antennas offer local channel choices and high-quality digital picture, whether as a supplement or alternative to cable or satellite TV service. The most effective antennas are large, outdoor models which are often installed on a roof or pole, or in the attic of your home. Your antenna retailer may recommend a contractor or technician to install your antenna.

Average Prices

Regular TV Reception

Since 2009, television stations in the U.S. are required to broadcast with a digital signal. Though the signal may be different than the analog signal that preceded it, the technology for antenna reception is much the same as it was decades ago. A standard TV antenna can be installed at your home with typical tools and equipment and generally costs between $130 and $322 , nationally. You should consider your location, channel options and climate when you choose your antenna. The features of the model you choose will affect its price, and the installation rate will vary with the condition and accessibility of the installation site. Your installer will need to run cable from the antenna to your TV or converter box, so repairs to your walls, ceilings, or floors may increase the overall cost of the project. Additionally, if new electrical wiring is need to power any of the antenna’s features, an electrician’s services will increase he price of your project.


High Definition TV Signals

The type of antenna you choose will determine what band of signals you can receive, but HD and SD signals are both picked up by standard antennas. Features added to some antennas, such as amplification, may improve reception of HD signals and add to the cost of the antenna. The installation process is the same as for a standard antenna, with the overall projects ranging from $131 and $325 in the U.S.


TV Antennas for Flat Terrain

The effectiveness of your antenna will depend largely on where it is installed relative to the origin of broadcast signals. In areas with flat terrain and few obstructions, a more economical antenna installed on your roof may be adequate. Similarly, installing your antenna inside your attic may be a good option since the strength of the signal may counter the impact of the surrounding structure on your reception. Installation of a TV antenna at a home with flat terrain typically costs between $129 and $317 and is affected by the same factors as other scenarios.


Installing an Antenna for Mountainous Terrain

If the topography at your home is very hilly, mountainous or tree-filled, choosing and installing an effective antenna may be a challenge. While increased height improves overall antenna reception, obstructions to the signal may require you to purchase a more powerful antenna or accessories to improve the performance of the antenna you have chosen, such as amplifiers or rotors. Similarly, the location of your antenna is more significant in such an application. The unit may have to be mounted outside-- on your roof or set apart from your home on a dedicated pole. Depending on the antenna’s location and features, electrical wiring may be needed to power extra functions and special or extra materials may be required to accommodate a remote site. Additional materials and contractors’ services will add to the price of the project, which you can expect to cost between $142 and $349.


Weather Conditions at Your Installation Site

The weather at your location may affect the function of your antenna, so consider the features and functions of the unit and accessories to maximize its performance in your climate. As with terrain, location and position may play a part in the quality of your reception in rainy or snowy weather, and signal amplifiers and antenna rotors may help overcome some losses. Also, increased difficulty, risk, and cost come with installing an outdoor antenna in poor conditions. Mounting an antenna inside your attic may be more cost-effective than on your rooftop, but a stronger antenna may be needed to overcome the interference of building materials in your attic. Prices for antenna installations in rainy and snowy conditions average $223 compared to $217 for installations in fair weather.

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