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How Much Does an Antenna Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does an Antenna Repair Cost?
How Much Does an Antenna Repair Cost?

Whether for TV, radio or communications, home antennas broaden your reach for receiving a variety of signals. When problems or damage affect the quality of your antenna’s reception, adjustments, upgrades and repairs can often resolve the issues and restore quality reception for your home. Repairs to your antenna and related equipment can generally be performed by an antenna installer or service technician, but adding or repairing electrical wiring that powers your antenna’s features or accessories may require the services of an electrician. Discuss the nature of your reception problems with your technician to determine what services will be required for your repair.

Average Prices

Poor Reception

If the quality of your antenna’s reception has dropped, repairs or upgrades can generally be provided by a technician for rates that range between $102 and $177 in the U.S. Prices for add-on items such as amplifiers or boosters will vary with the features of the device, and the cost of repair or replacement material depends on the condition and location of the antenna. If your antenna and its wiring are easily accessible, you can expect lower labor costs than if reaching the repair site is difficult.


Reception with Static

With the all-or-nothing display of digital television signals, weak reception generally results in complete loss of picture and sound rather than the static “fuzz” we remember from analog broadcasts. Most static issues now relate to radio reception, and poor reception issues for radio signals are similar to those of TV signals. Often repairs, adjustments or upgrades can be made to your antenna equipment to help pick up signals more reliably. Improvements, such as amplifiers, rotors and filters, as well as repairs can generally be made by a technician for between $88 and $163.


No Reception

If your antenna is providing no reception at all, your technician can evaluate whether the problem is mechanical or the result of interference, overload, or other technical and environmental problems. Repairs and upgrades that include cables, filters and amplifiers may resolve your problem, but depending on the age and condition of your antenna unit, a replacement may be in order. Nationally, repairs for antennas with no reception range from $114 to $207.


Not Receiving All Frequencies

Antennas are designed to receive specific frequencies, so determine if yours is equipped for all the signals you intend to use. If yours is not receiving signals on the frequencies it is intended to, your technician can help determine what adjustments, settings, or repairs are necessary, and can typically resolve the issue for $108 and $172. If your antenna is not equipped to receive all desired frequencies, installing an additional or replacement antenna will increase the overall cost of the repair.


Damaged or Broken Antenna

If your antenna unit or related components are damaged, the cost for repairs will depend on the availability and price of replacement parts as well as the accessibility of the broken antenna or faulty wiring. National prices for repairing broken antennas range from $158 and $236 and typically vary with the severity of the damage and the type of antenna. If problems lie within the cable or wires that run through your home, gaining access to them may lead to additional drywall or carpentry repairs to that will add to the overall expense of the project.


Preparing for Your Antenna Repair

As you plan for your repair project, keep in mind a few important factors that will impact your budget and help your electrician prepare for the job. Understanding the nature of reception problems and the type of antenna you have will simplify the diagnosis of performance problems. Additionally, the ease with which a service technician can access your antenna, components or wiring will affect the complexity and cost of the project; attic-mounted antennas may be simpler and safer to access than roof or pole-mounted units, providing for a more economical project. As with any repair, the cost of labor and replacement parts will vary with location and availability, but most electronics and home theater retailers can provide or recommend an installer or technician who can perform typical antenna repairs.

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