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Are Trash Compactors Worth the Money?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > Are Trash Compactors Worth the Money?
Are Trash Compactors Worth the Money?

Trash compactors have been around since the 1970s. They work by compressing trash – vegetable peels, egg shells, chick bones, cardboard, paper, and tin cans. This means that the number of trash bags used by the household comes down significantly. Some models reduce six trash bags of trash to one while others reduce four trash bags of trash to a single one. Even this will reduce the volume of trash you generate to a quarter of its normal amount. However, trash compactors should not be used to crush glass as the shards can tear the bag. Even though trash compactors cost between $500 and $1,000 many frugal people use them because of the long-term cost savings.

  1. 1. Space Saving

    By compressing the amount of trash you generate, trash compactors enable you to save on trash bags. They also reduce the amount of space you need to store the trash until the weekly garbage truck comes. For instance, if you store your trash in the garage, you will be able to change your garbage bin to a smaller one, freeing space for other uses such as vehicle parking and storing your sports equipment. As many communities now charge for garbage pickup by volume, not weight, having a smaller garbage can will net you additional savings in your garbage pickup fee.

  2. 2.Recycling

    A trash compactor can be used to compress all household trash except glass. However, those who want to recycle can also use the compactor to compress the recycling trash bag to make it more compact. This will enable you to store more cans and cardboard with ease. It will also reduce the number of trips you need to make to the recycling center per year, saving both time and money. Often, people find it difficult to take part in recycling drives because they do not have the space to store all the tins and cans that can be recycled. However, a trash compactor can be used to compress a large pile of cans into more manageable proportions, facilitating recycling and keeping these products out of landfills.

  3. 3.Smell

    One major disadvantage with trash compactors is the smell. As a trash compactor compresses the trash, it has to remain in the compactor for longer, until the bag is filled. If this takes a couple of days, the old chicken bones and fish heads can lead to a smelly kitchen. However, higher end models of trash compactors have odor fighting abilities. Of course, you need to spend a bit more to by the required odor treating products. However, this problem can also be contained by installing a garbage disposal unit in the kitchen sink and using it to dispose of really smelly produce. This combination approach will help you reduce the smell of stored garbage even as you reduce the sums you need to pay for garbage disposal services.


    It is not just the smell, a trash compactor also reduces the chances of creating a mess and slowly degrading your trash can. Even if you use a trash bag transferring uneaten food to the garbage can after every meal will lead to spills and more time spent on cleaning. It will also lead to more clothing stains as well.

  4. 4.Cost

    Trash compactors can save money in multiple ways. They require fewer garbage bags. You also need to pay less for garbage collection services which are charged by volume removed. Additionally, you will make fewer trips to the recycling center, saving on time and fuel costs. Time costs are also reduced by eliminating the need to take the garbage out each day or night. If you live in a rural area and are required to transport your garbage to the landfill yourself, a trash compactor can greatly reduce the number of trips you need to make to the landfill per year. This can lead to enormous cost savings as fuel and time costs have to be factored in.

  5. 5.Have a Trash Compactor Installed With Redbeacon

    Trash compactors can save you money in multiple ways. However, a trash compactor needs to be installed with care as it requires an electricity connection. Additionally, proper installation will dampen the noise produced by the compactor. If you are looking for someone to install your trash compactor, just register your requirements at the Redbeacon site. This can take as less as 30 seconds and save you a lot of time and effort. Once you register your needs, Redbeacon will take over and identify from its database service providers who are available to work with you.


    Redbeacon will contact them and ask for bids. Meanwhile, Redbeacon will also verify their online reviews and ensure that they are willing to provide high quality service in line with Redbeacon norms. Redbeacon will then forward four bids to you, enabling you to pick a trash compactor installer of your choice. Once you make your selection, the installer will start work as per the schedule in the contract. Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours to hear from you once the work is completed, before releasing payment from your account.

Compacting trash is an environmentally friendly and frugal way of managing garbage and recycling material. Compacted trash is easier to transport to landfills, reducing the consumption of fuel. Additionally, at home, it saves space required to store the trash bags for the weekly removal service. By using fewer garbage bags you save on the cost of both the bags and the payment to get them removed. Those living in rural areas will find that they need to make fewer trips to the landfill. Additionally, a trash compactor can be used to crush cans and other material, ensuring that you need to make fewer trips to the recycling center. All of these can translate into significant cost and time savings for a busy person.


A trash compactor is a useful device to have in the kitchen, whether you cook from scratch or from cans. Moreover, many people rely on prepared food as well as basic ingredients to put together a meal. All of this generates plenty of trash that can be compacted with ease using a trash compactor.


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