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How Much Does an Attic Fan Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Attic > How Much Does an Attic Fan Installation Cost?
How Much Does an Attic Fan Installation Cost?

Attic fans increase air circulation in attic spaces, reducing heat and condensation to extend the life of your roofing materials and structure. These fans can also improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home and a number of features can simplify or automate operation. The size, type and features of the fan you select are important factors in pricing an attic fan installation, as well as fan’s location. Your contractor can help you determine if a wall or roof-mounted model is best for your application and how installation methods affect the project’s complexity and cost.

Average Prices

Installing Attic Fans in Residential and Business Locations

Attic fans are beneficial in buildings of all types, though the size, style, and height of residential and commercial buildings often vary and present different installation issues. The accessibility of most homes influences installation prices, which average $357 in the U.S. Apartment and business buildings often feature different roof styles and attic spaces than houses. The effects of building variations are reflected installation costs of $572 for apartments and $819 for commercial properties.


Building Size

The size of fan needed to effectively vent your attic is typically determined by the size of the area it will service. Installing a fan to accommodate a small building up to 1000 square feet costs an average of $287. The same project in moderately sized locations costs $344 for a 1000-1500 sq. ft., $428 for 1500-2000 sq. ft., and $507 for 2000-2500 sq. ft. Since larger buildings require even more substantial fans, installation prices average $679 for 2500-3000 sq. ft. sites and $814 for buildings of more than 3000 sq. ft.


Fan Types

Attic fans may operate on timers, with thermostats, or manually with switches, but all require a power source for operation. Fans powered by your home’s electrical supply require direct wiring or access to a dedicated outlet, and carry installation costs of about $367. Solar-powered fans, priced higher than standard electric models, do not require wiring for installation or consume electricity when in use, since they are powered by incorporated solar panels. Solar models are installed across the country for an average price of $256.


Availability of a Power Source

Since electric fans require a power source, the ease with which your installer can make connections directly affects installation costs. Installation prices average $299 when power or wiring is easily accessible, but if mounting your fan requires new wiring or upgrades to the existing power supply, you can expect to pay about $386 for your project.


Source of Fan Equipment

When contractors supply attic fans for installation, their project prices average $374 with materials included. If you purchase your fan independently, the installation may require additional materials or procedures that add time or expense to the project. Contractors typically charge about $294 to install attic fans purchased by homeowners, and rates are often affected by the type of fan that you choose and the materials that are included with the equipment.


Attic Fan Installation Service

Several variables contribute to the cost of installing an attic fan, so be sure to discuss the type of fan you plan to use and the features of the attic with your attic fan installer. He can help you select a fan that can is effective for your home and guide you through the characteristics of the fan and your house that will affect installation prices.

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