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How to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink
How to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink

A clogged kitchen sink may not be as common as a clogged toilet or bath tub, but the problem can still be particularly challenging. If your garbage disposal is on the fritz, the food you’ve been dumping into the sink might not be making it’s way down into the sewers. There are a number of steps you can take to try and clean your clogged kitchen sink before looking for an plumber to do the job for you.


Here’s some helpful hints about what NOT to put in your kitchen sink, followed by some advice on what to do if a clog does develop.

  1. There are plenty of home remedies you can try to fix a clogged sink. But if this doesn’t work, consider looking up a professional plumber in your area.

    1.Don’t Pour Hot Grease from a Frying Pan Down the Drain

    The grease will stick to the sides of your pipes and then it will act as an adhesive for any food that follows. Dumping grease down the drain is basically like coating your pipes with super glue and then wondering why food is getting stuck down there.

  2. 2.Don’t Empty Coffee Grounds into the Sink

    The garbage disposal isn’t really going to do much with these and they can cake inside the pipes and accumulate other food build up just like the grease does.

  3. 3.Don’t Flush Paper Products Down the Drain

    This isn’t your toilet. It’s not built to handle a tissue or paper towel the way a toilet’s drain can. It just gets stuck and starts obstructing other food that’s trying to get through.

  4. 4.Do Flush Water Down the Pipes During Disposal Use

    Also, continue running the water for several seconds after you’re finished. If you don’t run the water, all of that ground up food can dry and get stuck on the sides of the pipes.

  5. 5.Do Use a Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture

    If you notice the drain is starting to clog, this is great solution. Let it soak in the drain for about 15 minutes before running the water. The foam created by this mixture will hopefully expand out to the sides of the pipes and clean up and buildup that has accumulated.

  6. 6.Do Use a Plunger

    If the vinegar and baking soda mix doesn’t work, this is another wonderful solution. The pressure created by plungers is effective on most drains. Run some water into the drain if none is present as this will help the plunger do its job.

  7. 7.Do Try Removing the Pipes Under the Sink

    Use a wrench to do this as a last resort. The pipe that is most commonly responsible for a clog is called the trap. It’s the one that is both vertical coming down from the sink and horizontal over to the next connected pipe. Try to remove any built up debris inside of this pipe by washing it out with a hose. Just don’t forget to have a container to catch any water under the sink before you remove any of the


    There are plenty of home remedies you can try to fix a clogged sink. But if this doesn’t work, consider looking up a professional plumber in the area. Make sure to compare price quotes and customer reviews on each professional before hiring them on.

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