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Tile Roof Repair Guide

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Tile Roof Repair Guide

Many homes around the country have tile roofs because they tend to last a long time and they can handle most conditions under the sun. The nature of tile is a very non-porous material that does not succumb to damage like other roofing materials. You do need to be careful with the tile and staying on top of repairs can mean the difference between a watertight house and one that grows mold.


When you are starting your roof repair project, there are a few things you should keep in mind and a few things you should do. By making sure you fully cover your whole roof and the needs of repair, you can make the tile last much longer and ensure the integrity of the roof as a whole.

  1. 1.Fully Inspect for Broken Tiles

    Before you begin your repair project, make sure you scour the roof for all the broken tiles. You want to replace any cracked or damaged tiles as they can let in water or cause weight distribution problems. This means many more tiles could break just because you don’t fix one.

  2. 2.Check for Tile Movement

    You also need to look for tile movement. Loose tiles need to be set back in place so that you have proper seal on the roof. You can find the areas where tiles are moving because you will notice a line on the tile where it is cleaner than the other tiles. This shows that it has slipped.

  3. 3.Use a Self-Supporting Ladder

    Often when working on the roof you just throw a ladder up against the house. This is an easy way to get up there to do what you need but can easily damage tiles. You can putting padding down to protect the tiles, but is better to use a ladder that does not need to lean or add any pressure to the tiles on the roof.

  4. 4.Wear Rubber Soled Shoes

    Tile really cannot withstand a lot of weight or pressure. Wearing rubber soled shoes helps keep you from causing damage to the tiles, but you should avoid walking on the tile as much as possible. Also, put down protection to keep from damaging the tiles.

  5. 5.Only Remove the Area You Can Finish in a Day

    Often a repair project will take more than one day. You should remove and replace tiles on a day-by-day basis to ensure that moisture does not seep in. Working small areas helps to keep the roof strong and watertight.


    Working with tile can be quite fun. Once you get past the challenges of the medium you will find it is much nicer than working with some of the other roofing materials and you never have to worry about tar!

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