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How Much Does Auto Interior Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Auto Interior Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Auto Interior Cleaning Cost?

Anyone that has ever hopped into a vehicle with coffee stains on the seat, and the stale odor of cigarette smoke clinging to the interior, knows the value of regular professional cleaning. Even when residue from bad habits is lacking, cloth interiors attract dust, and leather upholstery can become brittle and crack without proper maintenance. Carpet is another facet that deserves routine care. Even cars that never leave the city limits must have the floorboards cleaned regularly. Dirt, snow, and ice removal salt, can build up quickly leaving the carpet irreversibly damaged. A poorly maintained auto also bears the consequence at trade in time. Prideful car owners almost always redeem the cost of maintenance by receiving more dollars on their used vehicle.

Average Prices

Carpet vs. Upholstery

It is never a good idea to try to shave a few bucks off the cost of interior cleaning by omitting either the carpet or the upholstery. At resale or trade in time, discretionary dealers and selective individuals will note this lack of care, and walk away, or use it as leverage for monetary gain. For a regular vehicle, carpet interior detailing is going to cost you from $64 and upholstery cleaning wil cost $87. Trying to save $30 to $60 by avoiding the carpet or upholstery will only end up costing more than three years of adequate care.


Compact Car

Just because a car has a small interior doesn’t mean it will be easy to clean. Detailing businesses often moan when they see compacts pull in. They are difficult for employees to move around in, and can require special detailing tools to reach difficult areas. Exclusive vehicles like Ferraris, and Lamborghinis, are also difficult to clean for this reason, and cost much more to detail because of the exquisite and confined areas. While a production compact can cost $96 to $114 to do the interior.


Full Size Car

Employees love to see a full size car come in for cleaning. The luxurious interiors are comfortable to work in, and the acoustics allow for good entertainment from the sound system while the work is being done. Because of the spacious designs, two workers are often used to clean these vehicles, one in the backseat, and one in the front. The man hours to clean a full size are usually more than a compact, and can cost from $108 to $184 for a perfect job.



Vans and SUV’s are often owned by families with kids and dogs. Because of this, they can require some really heavy duty labor when it comes to interiors. Animal odors, and dog hairs are difficult to remove, and children have a tendency to spill, drip, drool, and drop. So don’t be surprised if the bill for cleaning is between $127 and $218. It’s a small cost to pay for the value of the vehicle.


Small Truck

Small trucks like Ford Rangers and Chevy S10’s are easy to clean. The interiors resist stains well, and because of the design, have minimal detail work that needs done. The majority of them rarely have passengers in the rear seat area, and this makes cleaning a breeze. The cost to clean most small trucks will range from $87 to $109, and take little time.


Full Size Truck

Full size trucks are usually used for work. Accordingly, they are likely to need cleaning more often than small trucks, and passenger cars. The large cab size makes cleaning simple, but tough to remove stains and ground in dirt can be a challenge if not kept up with on a frequent basis. The cost to clean a full size cab is usually between $96 and $162.



Seats are the most unsanitary item in a vehicle and should be sanitized at each cleaning. Detailing companies consider the type of material seats are made of before giving a price for this service. Vinyl is the easiest material to clean, and will cost less than fabric or leather. Multi- passenger vehicles often have vinyl seats because their resistance to stains, and ease of cleaning. Depending on the material, the cost to cleaning four seats is $83 and six seats is $118.


Detailing business may give discounts to repeat customers. If the company you do business with doesn’t have any discounts posted, ask them; chances are they will cut you a deal. You will feel better about spending the money, they will be happy to keep your business, and you won’t have to feel embarrassed the next time a passenger climbs into the car.

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