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Awning Installation Guide

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Awning Installation Guide

Putting an awning on your home helps make it easier to enjoy being outside. It helps keep the hot sun from beating down on you and makes it possible to relax outside even when it’s raining.


According to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, awnings can save you money. “In a hot year, awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by more than 25 percent compared to homes with completely unshaded windows,” the group says. They say a study found that this can amount to as much as $200 or more in energy savings.


If you are thinking about installing an awning on your home, there are some questions you should ask yourself. What will it look like? How will it attach? Where on your home will it be placed? Who will you hire to tackle the job?

  1. 1.Selecting Your Awning

    There are lots of different styles of awnings on the market today. You can choose retractable awnings, stationary awnings, awnings that are dome shaped, square or rectangular. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Consider where your awning will go: will it stretch over the length of your home or will it cover a smaller space over a window or door? Will it go in front of your home or behind? Are you looking to make a bold statement, or would you rather have an awning that blends in with your home. Choose an awning that fits in with the style and color of your home. Make sure you select an awning made of a good durable fabric that will withstand exposure to wind, rain or even snow.

  2. If you are thinking about installing an awning on your home, there are some questions you should ask yourself
  3. 2.Finding an Awning Professional

    Finding a professional to install your awning can be a somewhat daunting task. Remember, awnings have to be installed carefully so there is no damage to your roof. You also want it to be installed securely so that once it’s up – it stays up. There are lots of companies out there who claim to be great at awning installation, but how do you know who is legit and who is not?


    A good professional should be able to give you an estimate up front. That estimate should include a reasonable prices for the cost of parts and labor. They should provide some kind of guarantee on their work, meaning that if something goes wrong within a certain amount of time, they’ll fix it for little or no cost. They should also have photos of past work. Ask your professional if they offer a storage service for when winter comes, or a cleaning service to keep your awning looking its best.

  4. 3.How To Install an Awning

    Awning installation will vary based on whether you are using a prepackaged awning, or having one custom made. The style or size of your awning will also affect how it’s installed. Your professional will probably walk through with you what he or she will do and what he or she needs from you while the work is taking place. Basically, they will measure the area where the awning is to be installed, attach the awning and its accompanying hardware to the home and then use screws or caulking to secure it. Your pro may need you and your family to stay clear of the area while they are working.

  6. 4.Caring for Your Awning

    Your professional will probably go over any special care instructions for your awning. Make sure you listen carefully. They may even give written information with care instructions and warranty details. Don’t just toss that in the trash, file it away carefully. Keep leaves, branches and other debris off of your awning. You may even want to hose it off every once in a while. If your awning isn’t meant to stay up all year, set a date every year to take it down. If you see problems with your awning, call your professional right away and have it fixed so that the problem doesn’t become worse.


    As the costs of keeping your home goes up, you’re probably looking for ways to save money. Although spending money to install an awning may seem counterproductive, it may help you save in the long run. Make sure your awning is installed correctly and care for it properly and you’ll be keeping it cool in the shade in no time!

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