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Backyard Sauna Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > Backyard Sauna Installation Guide
Backyard Sauna Installation Guide

Are you suffering through the cool weather without any way to just let your hair down and relax? Consider installing a sauna in your backyard! Instead of lonely squirrels, you will actually be able to open your backyard to friends and loved ones who can enjoy your sauna with you! A backyard sauna will help you enjoy nature to the fullest and you will finally be able to unwind in the way you want to, without having to drag yourself to a spa.


A sauna bath can help cleanse the pores of the body and aid in relaxation and sleep. A sauna bath is also known to alleviate the pain of aches and bruises on the body and in general, causes relaxation of cramped muscles. Having a sauna in your backyard will be a dream come true!


If you want to be cautious while installing a sauna and get the job done right the first time, look for sauna specialists that have proven themselves in this domain and seem to know what they are talking about. An online presence should certainly be part of it; unless their reputation precedes them. Rest assured that only the most reliable and recommended professionals should be considered by you. You will be making a judicious choice. If you wish to install one on your own, these are the steps you will need to undertake:

  1. 1.Get the Right Size

    A sauna bath is also known to alleviate the pain of aches and bruises on the body and in general, causes relaxation of cramped muscles.

    Confirm the size of sauna that you need before you start off. In general, a 3’ by 4’ sauna is perfect for one person while you may need a 10’ by 14’ sauna room for around 7-8 people. It is best to pick a sauna design that offers a roof that is placed at about 7 feet from the floor. This will ensure that the heat that spreads in the room does so evenly and in a soft and luxuriating manner.

  2. 2.Electricity

    Ensure that the backyard location you have chosen is accessible to an electric supply system of at least 240 volts.

  3. 3.Don't Forget the Benches

    Measure for sauna benches and keep at least two feet of bench space for every person who will be using the upper level of benches.

  4. 4.Install Flooring

    You will have to install duckboards/ removable flooring wooden slats over the concrete of your backyard. Once the wood is cut or the pre-cut kit is opened, start building your sauna from the bottom up. Finish the floor and work upward by framing the walls and the roof.

  5. 5.Insulation

    Once your framing is completed, you will have to add insulation to any empty spaces as well as the walls so the heat does not escape. Generally, sauna rooms are insulated with 15” fiberglass insulation batts. R13 ones are perfect for the walls while you will need R22 or 26 batts for the ceiling of the sauna room.

  6. 6.Outer Walls

    Build the outer walls and firmly attach them to the slats on the floor.

  7. 7.Sauna Door

    The door of your sauna room has to open on the outside for safety purposes. It is recommended that you purchase a resistant sauna door instead of trying to build one yourself as homemade sauna doors have been known to get warped and bent out of their frame easily when they are exposed to the sauna heat.

  8. 8.Finishing Up

    The most popular type of flooring option inside the sauna room is cedar planking. Add the benches to your backyard sauna and finally, install the water heater. You can choose from an electric heater and a wood burning stove. You may have to call in the reinforcements of friends and family who may be willing to help you to create this little slice of heaven in your backyard. It may take 2 or 3 people an equal amount of days to get the outdoor sauna running and ready for action. Once you have installed the benches in your sauna, don’t forget to ensure that they are properly sanded and smooth. Benches with splinters sticking out can be cumbersome and dangerous.


    Once your sauna room is complete and standing on a strong foundation, the time for fun is nigh! Don’t be surprised if friends who never visited suddenly decide to make it to your home to enjoy your backyard sauna. Well, at least they are friends and not certain family members!

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