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Barn Repair Guide

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Barn Repair Guide

A barn sitting on your property in a state of disrepair needs attention to keep it safe and usable. Because barns of yesteryear have become cherished relics, many professionals provide services to repair and restore old barns. Perhaps your barn is not this old and does not need special restoration techniques, but it still deserves needed attention to maintain it.


Contract with a professional to repair your barn safely and efficiently. With a professional’s expert knowledge and skills, the work will restore the barn and enable you to continue using it for many years.

  1. 1.Common Barn Repairs

    A variety of issues can occur with barns over time and with exposure to wind, moisture and sun. Sometimes all a barn needs is a fresh coat of paint, but it is likely that a barn will require more extensive repairs.


    If the barn does not have proper grading around the foundation, water will not run away from the barn correctly and this excess moisture can cause decay to the structure of the barn. Erosion might cause settling, which can threaten the strength of the foundation of the barn. In this situation, a professional will jack the barn to repair or replace posts. If new footings are necessary, it is most effective if the new holes comprise 20 percent of the total post length to ensure that enough of the posts will sit in concrete for greatest stability.


    A barn that sits in the path of strong winds might suffer damage to the beam or the tow of the barn. In this situation, installing wind braces at the corners of the barn will help provide strength and stability to the structure.


    Insects can wreak havoc on a barn, boring into the wood with ferocious appetites. If insect damage becomes evident, you will need to replace damaged pieces of the barn’s structure. If the damage is too severe, you may not be able to save the barn.


    Other common barn repairs include masonry repair, door and window replacement, roof repairs and replacement, siding repair and replacement, and replacing rotted or decayed wood, especially on the threshing floor.

  2. 2.Overview of Barn Repair

    A professional will assess the barn to determine the necessary repairs. The professional will also consider how you use the barn to determine how to make repairs fit the purpose of the barn. If you do not plan to use the structure as a barn, you might consider converting it to a different type of structure. You might add plumbing, climate control, and electricity to a barn to convert it to a building you will use for a different purpose. Repairing or restoring your barn will require building permits and inspections to ensure that the project conforms to local building regulations.

  3. 3.Professionals for the Job

    A general contractor possesses the skills and knowledge necessary for barn repair. If you are restoring a historic barn, focus your search on professionals with specific skills and expertise in barn restoration. Check a contractor’s experience and references to ensure that the professional you select has positive experience restoring historic barns.

  4. 4.Possible Problems

    The professional repairing your barn needs to have extensive knowledge about the construction of the barn. For example, a pole barn has a different structure and foundation than a timber frame barn. If a barn has decaying sills – the timbers that sit on top of the foundation – the entire strength and structure of the barn will become weak. A contractor must remove the old sills and replace them with new sills that span the entire dimension of the side of the foundation. Patching a sill with a portion of wood could contribute to a weak foundation of the barn and this repair will not remain strong.


    Whatever materials the professional uses to replace parts of the barn must be made of the highest quality wood to ensure the integrity of the repairs.

  5. 5.Preserving Historic Barns

    When your goal involves preserving a historic barn, the focus changes significantly. Barn restoration can be an expensive project, but worth the investment when your goal is to restore and preserve the history of your barn. An experienced barn restoration contractor understands the traditional craftsmanship that created the original structure. This professional has the skills necessary to preserve your barn’s history while also combining it with newer innovations that can improve the structure and strength of the building. The contractor will assess the barn carefully to learn about the issues that require repair and restoration. The professional will note the structural defects needing repair and stabilization. Many barn restoration projects involve replacing the old roof with new metal sheet roofing.

  6. 6.Cost of Barn Repair

    The overall costs of barn repair depend on many factors. Your geographical location, the age of the barn, the extent of the repairs and the size of the barn will determine the cost of the project. A barn repair project will range in price from $133 to $1,071, depending on the materials necessary and the labor involved in the project.

  7. 7.Pro Referral

    If you are ready for a barn restoration project, contact Pro Referral to find a quality pro in your area to discuss the job. All our pros have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted pro with Pro Referral will give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.


    Improve your barn’s usefulness and appearance by repairing or restoring it. With a functional, safe and attractive barn on your property, you can improve property values and even the utility of your barn.

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