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How Much Does a Basement Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > How Much Does a Basement Remodel Cost?
How Much Does a Basement Remodel Cost?

Finishing or remodeling your basement can provide valuable living and work space in an underused area of your home. The condition of your basement and the features and finishes you choose contribute to the depth and expense of a renovation, so discuss with your contractor how your basement can be customized to provide the space and function you need.


Average Finished Basement Cost

The cost of finishing a basement usually averages $25 to $50 per square foot but can go as high as $90 per square foot. That cost goes up and down a bit with the various factors that are relevant to cost. Location is one of them. Prices vary from coast to coast and are generally higher in major cities than they are in rural areas.

  cost to refinish a basement

Current Finish

If your basement is currently unfinished, a complete construction and finishing project may cost $8214, based on national averages. While adding all new wiring, drywall, flooring and plumbing may seem daunting, many of these tasks are completed most efficiently when working with a blank slate. Remodeling a finished basement may require demolition as well as new construction, and costs around $10623, compared to completing a partially finished basement, which averages $9482.


Project Size

Prices for most construction projects are directly related to their size, and basement remodels are no exception. Whether finishing a portion of your basement or converting the entire area into living space, costs are related to the scale and scope of your project. Remodeling basement rooms of 400-500 sq. ft. costs an average of $4758, while 500-600 sq. ft. spaces cost $6912. Pricing adjusts accordingly with remodels costing $8213 for 600-700 sq. ft., $9147 for 700-800 sq. ft., $10471 for 800-900 sq. ft., and $12632 for 1000-1400 sq. ft.

Average Prices

Adding a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to the basement of your home can enhance an entertaining area or guest suite, or simply provide needed facilities for your family where space is available. Special plumbing considerations are made for basement bathrooms, often requiring pump systems to provide proper drainage with existing waste lines. Installing a bathroom in your basement may cost between $12617 and $22497, with prices varying with plumbing requirements and your choice of fixtures and finishes.


Installing Flooring

A variety of flooring choices are practical for basement applications, though prep work may vary with moisture conditions and the type of floor coverings you choose. Since a wide array of choices and installation scenarios exists, prices for finishing basement floors range from $1683 to $7293 across the country. Your contractor or designer can help you evaluate flooring options and choose one that will best suit your application.


Wall Options

Drywall is commonly installed in basement applications, though finishing concrete exterior walls and fitting wood or prefabricated wall panels provide other options for your project. The materials you select, along with framing and insulation requirements may influence prices for finishing walls, which are typically between $1317 and $4691 in basement remodels.


Ceiling Choices

Ceiling height and options for materials may be influenced by the construction of your home and its systems, since the placement of plumbing and wiring overhead can affect installations. Metal framed suspended ceilings are often used in basements, since they provide easy access to pipes and wires, though drywall provides a finished ceiling that may be more consistent with the rest of your home. Wood ceilings can provide a warm environment in low-light areas, and high-end stretch ceilings and custom panel systems can create an elegant appearance. The size and type of ceiling system you select will influence prices, which range from $2238 to $8572 and often vary with the extent of preparation that is required.


Finishes, Fixtures, and Features

A number of custom and special features can personalize your basement living area and add to its comfort and function. Installing well-planned lighting can enhance an otherwise poorly lit room, costing an average of $1379 in basement remodels. Trims and moulding can define the look of your room and enhance its features, and cost around $2584 to install, depending on your choice of materials, style, and finish. Built-in shelving offers attractive storage options for entertainment and bedroom areas, and while pricing will depend on the unit’s size and materials, the average installation price is $953 around the U.S.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$6,500 - $15,500 $13,200 - $30,500 $20,500 - $50,000

A number of factors will influence the cost of remodeling a basement, so it can be difficult to know how your own project will compare. Consider our examples to see how common variables affect the cost of renovating 1,000 square feet of basement space.

Starting from Scratch: $6,500 - $15,500

  • • Demo and Prep: Starting with a blank slate in an unfinished basement means this project starts without demolition, which can save up to $2000, though some new framing is needed to divide the space into various rooms.
  • • Systems Upgrades: This remodel does not include any plumbing and calls for minimal electrical and HVAC expansion, keeping the systems budget under $2000.
  • • Flooring and Finish: The finishes make up most of the materials budget on a job like this, and choosing modest to mid-level materials like carpet and suspended ceiling keeps costs relatively low.

A Fresh Start: $13,200 - $30,500

  • • Demo and Prep: This project is a true remodel, so some existing materials must be removed and reworked. Demo of flooring and walls, plus adding some new framing, brings the cost of preparing the site up from $1500 to $3000.
  • • Systems Upgrades: This project includes remodeling an existing bathroom, and though the plumbing is in place, the nature of the work takes the project up a notch. Expanding the HVAC and wiring accordingly can add an extra $1000 to $4000 to the bottom line.
  • • Flooring and Finish: Choosing standard finishes keeps this project affordable, but upgrading to drywall ceilings or hard floors can quickly add $7000 to $10000 to the job.

A Suite Overhaul: $20,500 - $50,000

  • • Demo and Prep: This project is a complete remodel of a finished space, so demo and framing are involved.
  • • Systems Upgrades: Converting from general living space to full-service guest quarters requires the installation of new plumbing for a bathroom and kitchenette, which widens the scope of the job. More complex upgrades to the HVAC and electrical systems helps put this project in a different class.
  • • Flooring and Finish: Engineered wood flooring, tile, drywall ceilings, and bath and kitchen fixtures and cabinetry price the finishes of this job at $15 to $30 per square foot, but set the project apart from a more modest upgrade.

Find a Basement Remodeling Contractor Near You

A number of factors contribute to the overall expense of a basement remodel. Be sure to evaluate the condition of your basement and talk with your basement remodeling contractor about how its features or limitations relate to selecting appropriate materials and performing prep work for your renovation.

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