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Bathroom Designer Trends

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > Bathroom Designer Trends
Bathroom Designer Trends

As with anything in interior design, bathroom designer trends change from year to year. While they usually only change slightly, you may want to pick the trends that make the most sense for your space and your family and won’t become outdated too quickly. This helps your money go farther as you then don’t have to worry about replacing things down the road.

  1. Overall the bathroom designer trends are for the most part practical.

    1.Medicine Cabinets are Back!

    For the past few years there has been a pull back from the traditional medicine cabinet and people instead were using flat mirrors on the wall. Well, it has come full circle, as it is more practical for space saving reasons. Now the medicine cabinets are more recessed in the walls and you can still use a larger, fancier mirror.

  2. 2.Bowl Sinks

    Another move has been to place bowl sinks on top of the counter instead of sinking them into the counter. This provides a larger cabinet space below and actually makes cleaning the counter easier. There tends to be less water damage around the sink and it gives you a more modern look. Some people are even taking it in a “retro” direction changing the look to be like the old basin bowls before piped water was possible.

  3. 3.Separate Bathtub with Shower Handle

    Another modern trend has been to put the bathtub totally separate from the shower. They have taken this to another level by putting a moving showerhead in the bathtub so you can more easily rinse your hair. This combination helps to encourage the usage of the bathtub when you are not taking a shower.

  5. 4.No Threshold Showers

    Showers have traditionally had a threshold or raised portion you need to step over to get inside. Originally designed for those who were aging to remove the “slip and fall” factor and balance problems, it has become the trend to build a deeper shower with nothing to step over as you walk in. This often removes the need for a door, or you can have a sliding door that fits into a small recess in the floor.

  6. 5.Solid Color Surfaces

    People have learned from the mistakes of the past and are avoiding loud, colorful choices when it comes to counters and tiles. Grays and whites tend to be the trend and it means your style will last longer. If you want to add flare, you can put in colorful sinks or a fancy mirror. These are easier to replace down the road and you have carte blanche when it comes to decorating with solid neutral colors.


    Overall the bathroom designer trends are for the most part practical. Instead of getting super creative, people are realizing it is more practical to find a solution and a plan they can live with for a long time. This helps to make your bathroom usable and fashion forward rather than eventually outdated.

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