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How Much Does a Bathtub Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Bathtub Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Bathtub Repair Cost?

Bathtub problems can range from plumbing issues to broken tiles and damaged tub surfaces. Whether bathtubs are damaged and stained, or faucets are clogged or leaking, repairing a variety of issues can give new life to your bathroom without having to replace your entire tub. The type and complexity of the repair will affect project costs and determine the type of professional needed to perform the work.

Average Prices

Types of Fixtures

Many issues are common to a number of bath fixtures, and repair prices are influenced by the condition and accessibility of the tub or shower. Surface repairs, refinishing, and liner installation rates vary with the type and size of tub and the extent of damages, while plumbing repairs are often affected by the accessibility of supply and drain lines. Overall, the average repair price for standalone showers is $229 compared to $211 for standalone bathtubs and $212 for combination tub/shower fixtures. Jetted tubs, often referred to as Jacuzzis, present a range of potential repairs in addition to surface and plumbing problems, and average $207 to fix.


Repairing Leaky Faucets and Shower Heads

Common problems in bathtubs include leaking shower heads and faucets. Your plumber will be able to asses and diagnose the source of problems, but many leaks can be repaired with a thorough cleaning and the replacement of O-rings on the fixture. Problems with control valves are a bit more involved and require your plumber to access the valve assembly behind the shower and tub controls. The complexity of the problem will determine the skills and materials needed for repairs, which typically range in price from $97 to $304.


Clogged Shower Heads and Faucets

Buildup of mineral deposits can clog holes in shower heads and cartridges in faucets. Disassembly and cleaning may restore water pressure, but often replacement cartridges or complete shower heads are needed. Prices for repairing clogged fixtures are between $84 and $138 in the U.S, and generally vary with the extent of buildup and materials or parts needed to complete the job.


Repairing Broken Shower Controls

Knobs and handles that control water temperature and flow to shower heads may encounter damage and even break off. In many cases, your plumber can provide and install a replacement handle, though damage that extends to the valve assembly behind the controls may require more extensive repairs. Nationally, prices for fixing shower controls range from $92 to $117 and depend largely on the extent of damage.


Broken Shower Heads

Depending on the type of shower head and damage, your plumber may be able to repair the existing fixture with replacement parts. Costs for repairs typically range from $107 to $211, increasing with the complexity of repairs and availability of parts. Making a complete replacement of your shower head or fixing damaged pipes and fittings requires additional time, tools, and materials, increasing project costs.


Repairs to Broken Faucets

The age and type of your tub faucets contribute to the cost of repairs, as well as the finish of your tub or shower. National repair prices for bathtub faucet repairs are between $94 and $237, varying with the nature of problems and the accessibility of plumbing. Replacing a spout does not require special access or tools, but if your repair involves fixing pipes, your plumber may need to remove tiles from the face of your shower or gain access through a hole in the wall behind the controls. The added repairs to your tub or wall may require additional contractors and will increase the overall cost of your project.


Bathtub Repair Service

With a variety of options for bathtub repairs, it is important to evaluate your tub problems and consider your options carefully. Properly repairing a bathtub’s surface can save the expense of replacing it by adding years to the life of your fixture, and repairing plumbing issues can improve performance and prevent water loss and damage.

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