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How Much Does a Bedroom Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bedroom > How Much Does a Bedroom Remodel Cost?
How Much Does a Bedroom Remodel Cost?

Remodeling a bedroom can provide substantial improvements in comfort and function, whether to update a master suite, grow a child’s bedroom, or provide a relaxing space for guests. A number of factors and features can affect costs for construction and finishes. Careful planning for the use and characteristics of a bedroom can help you plan and budget for a successful remodel.

Average Prices

Room Size

The size of the bedroom you remodel defines the scale of the project, and can be a helpful indicator of cost. Updating a 200-300 sq. ft. bedroom area costs an average of $396. Larger spaces require more time, materials, and labor, and project prices reflect accordingly. Nationally, remodel prices average $2684 for a 300-400 sq. ft. bedroom, $3174 for 400-500 sq. ft., $4263 for 500-600 sq. ft., $5874 for 600-700 sq. ft., $7344 for 700-800 sq. ft., and $9672 for an 800-1000 sq. ft. space.



Replacing or upgrading the flooring in bedrooms can improve comfort and appearance, and dramatically change the character of a room. Flooring installations in bedrooms range from $459 to $2622 and vary with the type of floor covering you select. Carpet, tile, and wood flooring each have specific preparation requirements, so the removal of old floors and necessary prep work will contribute to overall costs for your flooring.


Paint and Trims

Updating the paint and trim work in a bedroom is a simple way to make a substantial change in décor. The average price for painting a bedroom is $853, though rates may be affected by the paint and finish you select as well the extent of work that is needed to prep your walls for paint. Installing new mouldings costs about $743 nationwide, with pricing influenced by the style and intricacy of your trim details. Installing standard baseboard, window and door trims can be an economical job, while adding crown moulding, chair rails, and stacked trim details or using custom milled trims and fine wood species can increase the complexity and expense of the project.


Storage Solutions

A bedroom remodel presents the perfect opportunity to upgrade or incorporate storage options. Built-in closets are common in U.S. bedrooms, but when existing closets are not adequate, enlarging them or customizing them with closet systems can create more practical storage for your home. Upgrading closets costs about $868 in bedroom renovations, though the extent of your project will affect pricing. Built-in shelving is an attractive and functional storage option that can complement, or even replace, closet systems. Installing custom shelving may require the expertise of a finish carpenter, and while prices for built-in shelves average $630, the size, style, and finishes for your build will help determine overall costs.



Upgrading the lighting in a bedroom can make a significant design statement in your remodel. Installations typically cost $414 to $2361, with rates depending on the style of light fixtures and the scope of your lighting project. Light fixtures can generally be changed simply, while making changes to the layout of your fixtures and switches adds difficulty to the job.



Adding or replacing windows in a bedroom can improve energy efficiency as well as the lighting and appearance of the room. Window installation rates range from $529 to $3016, and depend on the amount of prep work that is required as well as the size and number of windows installed. Framing changes or siding, trim, and drywall repairs needed to accommodate new windows may increase installation expenses.


Plan Ahead for Bedroom Remodeling

Since many room changes are made most efficiently during renovations when a room is empty and under construction, a number of useful features can be incorporated in a bedroom remodel. Consider the full range of improvements you’d like to make to your bedroom and discuss with your contractor how they can be included the most efficiently.

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