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Benefits of an Exterior Shutter Installation

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Benefits of an Exterior Shutter Installation
Benefits of an Exterior Shutter Installation

Your house and your family will experience a variety of benefits with the installation of exterior shutters on your home. Exterior shutters add an architectural element that draws the eye to the contrasts between the shutters and the siding of your home.


While you could install your own exterior shutters, this project will take some time and specific tools to complete. If you have other activities you’d rather be doing, it’s time to find a professional to install your exterior shutters for you.

  1. 1.Benefits of Exterior Shutters

    With exterior shutters mounted around your windows, your home has instant benefits. By closing the shutters, you have privacy options that will prevent prying eyes from peering in your windows. If you live in an area with inclement weather, closing the shutters can offer strong protection against window damage. Keeping shutters closed also adds additional insulation over windows to protect your home from both heat and cold. Finally, shutters can add a level of security against intruders who might try to break windows to gain entrance into your home.

  2. 2.Shutter Styles

    Shutters come in a variety of styles, made from many different materials. Louvered shutters have horizontal slats that can open and shut to emit light or keep light from passing through the shutters. Paneled shutters have center panels, either raised or recessed from the outside edges of the shutters. Rustic board shutters feature vertical boards, held together by horizontal boards called “battens.”

    Average Prices

    You have the choice of vinyl, wood, composite wood, PVC and aluminum materials for your shutters. Vinyl shutters provide an economic option when your project budget is tight, while the composite and aluminum shutters offer higher quality with a higher price tag. If you need functional shutters that open and close and not simply shutters for decor, choose wood, composite wood, PVC or aluminum shutters. Vinyl shutters are decorative only. Some shutters require little maintenance to keep them beautiful, including PVC, aluminum, composite and vinyl. Wood shutters will require periodic scraping and painting to keep them attractive.

  3. 3.Tools Required to Install Shutters

    Installing shutters requires basic tools to accomplish the task. For first-floor shutters, you will need a stepladder. To install shutters at second-floor and higher windows, an extension ladder or even a scaffolding will enable you to reach the installation area. Other tools include a drill, drill bits, level and basic carpentry materials and tools.

  4. 4.Project Preparation

    Part of the process of installing exterior shutters involves measuring the window area for the shutters. It’s important to purchase shutters in the correct size so they will be proportionate to the window size. The expert will understand the correct ratio between window size and shutter size. An expert will be able to guide you through the measuring process to ensure that your shutters fit your windows correctly.


    The expert will also provide guidance for ordering the appropriate hardware for your shutters. If your shutters will function, you need hardware installed at the proper depth to enable the shutters to move without interference. The shutter installation could involve a recessed or flush installation, with each type of installation requiring a special type of hardware.

  5. 5.Possible Problems that Could Occur

    Without a professional on the job, it’s possible that the shutter installation could experience issues or problems. Choosing shutters that are too wide, too long, too narrow or too short will create an imbalanced appearance at your windows, readily apparent from the curb. It’s also possible that you might choose the incorrect hardware for the shutters you are installing, rendering the shutters useless if you had plans for them to function by opening and closing over your windows. Without secure hinge mounting, it’s even possible that the shutters will separate from the house siding and need remounting.

  6. 6.Hiring an Expert

    Hiring a professional to install your exterior shutters will minimize your concerns about the quality of the installation. You won’t need to worry about the shutters failing or falling off the house when you hire a professional. You also have peace of mind knowing that the shutters you choose will fit your purpose, whether it’s function or just decorative. An expert is likely to proceed with the installation project much faster than you would be able to do it. What might take you a series of weekends to accomplish, might take a professional just one day. Relax and allow the expert to perform all site preparation and clean-up, as well, to ensure that your project begins and ends well.

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