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Benefits of a Leaf Blowing Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Benefits of a Leaf Blowing Service
Benefits of a Leaf Blowing Service

If the leaves accumulate on the ground in the autumn, you’ll either be raking them up or blowing them to bag them for collection or disposal. Perhaps it wouldn’t be fall without this annual rite of passage, or maybe you’d sooner be doing just about anything else.


If the drudgery of leaf cleanup is overshadowing your season and you’d rather delegate this process elsewhere, it’s time to find a professional lawn service company to take over this chore. Once you realize the benefits of hiring a leaf blowing service, you will never want to go back to gathering your own leaves again.

  1. 1.Benefits of Hiring a Professional

    Instead of spending your weekends out in the yard, hire a professional service to blow your leaves away efficiently. A professional service has the equipment necessary to make short work of a yard full of leaves. If leaves land in inaccessible places, such as roofs and gutters, hiring a professional leaf blower will enable the swift removal of the leaves without sacrificing your safety. Professional leaf blowers have the experience and expertise necessary to handle leaf removal from these potentially dangerous places. Most companies have crews that handle a large vacuum to suck up all your yard debris to remove it from your landscape. You’ll improve and extend the health of your lawn when you take care of the leaves efficiently.

  2. 2.Services Included

    A professional lawn service will provide a variety of different service options for your landscape. Some companies might suck up the leaves and shred them into a fine mulch for you to use on your landscaping areas. If you choose, the company would also dispose of the leaves for you if you prefer not to use them as mulch. Another option involves sucking up the leaves, shredding them and then redistributing them in a fine layer over your grass to supply nitrogen to the turf. A leaf blowing service can also benefit you in the spring as you strive to clear out the winter muck around your plants and buildings. Leaves and other debris usually blow in over the winter and it stays there until you clean it out in the spring. Hire a lawn service to perform this spring cleanup for you.

  3. 3.Problems that Might Occur

    Have a company come to your home to provide you with an estimate for services. As the professional examines your landscape, notes your trees and calculates the area of your yard, you can receive a comprehensive estimate for the cost to blow the leaves. Without this estimate, you may end up with a surprising fee to take care of the leaves on your property.


    It’s important to be patient as you schedule a company to perform leaf-blowing services. If you contract for the work prior to all leaves falling on your property, you may need to pay the company to come back a second time after the remaining leaves finish falling.


    Some leaves might be so large that they require more than one shredding process to transform them into a fine mulch. If you pay for shredding services, ensure that the company knows what type of leaves you have to guarantee the services fit your needs.

  4. 4.Site Preparation and Cleanup

    As a company prepares to blow leaves on your property, ensure that you remove all items that will become obstacles for the work crew. Put away all tables, benches, planters and other portable objects to give the work crew complete access to all areas of your landscape. After the company finishes blowing all the leaves from your landscape, prepare to place objects back where they belong within your yard. If you ordinarily remove these objects from your landscape prior to winter, simply put them into winter storage when you move them out of the way for the leaf cleanup.

  5. 5.Cost of Leaf Blowing

    As you strive to calculate the cost of leaf blowing, several factors will determine the cost of this project. The size of your yard, any challenging features that make your landscape more complex, and the number of trees and shrubs you have on your property will determine the overall price to blow your leaves. The average price for an average landscape is $196, with these projects ranging in price from $117 to $330.

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