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Benefits of a Log Cabin

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Benefits of a Log Cabin
Benefits of a Log Cabin

While at one time log cabins were considered rustic back woods dwellings, a rise in popularity has moved these homes from the sidelines to center stage. Whether you wish to purchase a ready-made log cabin or build one from scratch, there are a variety of benefits of a log cabin.


As you research and consider your options, visit the University of Tennessee Extension to learn important information about protecting the wood of log cabins. It’s vital to keep wood dry to preserve both its integrity and appearance. Once you know the benefits of a log cabin, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about purchasing one for your residence.

  1. 1.Value

    Although log cabins cost more to build than standard stick-framed houses, they have higher value that makes them worth the additional cost.

    Set aside any preconceived notion you may have of log cabins being rustic and primitive. Thanks to the increased interest in log cabins in recent years, log cabins have evolved to become large and luxurious. Although log cabins cost more to build than standard stick-framed houses, they have higher value that makes them worth the additional cost. Not only will you have more equity in your home in a shorter period of time, but you may also find that selling a log cabin is easier than selling a standard house thanks to the high demand.

  2. 2.Energy Efficiency

    Not only do log cabins have higher value, but they also have better energy efficiency. In fact, log cabins may perform up to 15 percent more efficiently than standard wood-frame homes for both heating and cooling. Log cabins do not require the same degree of heating to make the interior area comfortable. In addition, log cabins require less cooling to keep them comfortable because the logs breathe. Humidity problems do not occur in log cabins in the same way they occur in standard homes.


    This increased energy efficiency can translate into savings of up to $400 annually for heating and cooling costs, living at the same comfort level as you would in a standard house.

  3. 3.Investment

    A log cabin can provide financial security when used as both a home and a sound investment. Not only will you own something that will appreciate in value, but you will benefit from the use and enjoyment you derive from the home. There is a higher demand for log cabins than the current supply.

  5. 4.Health

    People who suffer environmental health issues due to allergies or sensitivities often find living in a log cabin to be beneficial. Because of the decreased humidity in log cabins, the interior air quality usually stays healthier and more comfortable. The lower humidity levels also translate into less mold and mildew problems in log cabins.

  6. 5.Environmental Benefits

    The materials used to build log cabins are ecological and environmentally friendly. The building process for a log cabin requires less energy than standard house building. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, a log cabin can reduce your carbon footprint exponentially. Log cabins also construct faster than standard houses.


    Once you see all the benefits of a log cabin, you may choose this dream house for your domicile. You won’t be alone – the number of log cabins going up in the United States is growing every year.

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