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Benefits of Prehung Doors

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Benefits of Prehung Doors
Benefits of Prehung Doors

Installing doors in a home can be challenging, even for the homeowner with construction experience. The process of placing the doorframe and then the door into the doorway and ensuring that the door operates correctly requires extensive expertise.


Instead of tackling this difficult job, opt for a pre-hung door for your home. The Utah State University offers a Home Designs report that discusses several benefits of installing a pre-hung door. Among the various benefits, you will generally obtain better insulation with a pre-hung door.


Once you know the benefits of pre-hung doors, you will have the information necessary to choose the type of door to install in your home.

  1. 1.What is a Prehung Door?

    If you select this type of entry door system, ensure that the windowpanes are double-pane glass for the best energy efficiency.

    A pre-hung door eliminates the need for attaching the door to the doorjamb with hinges. When you purchase a pre-hung door, the door is already attached to the surrounding doorjamb with hinges. This eliminates the fussy work of having to fit the door into the doorjamb and then making sure that the door swings freely and correctly. Because these adjustments can be difficult and time consuming, you eliminate much of the time and effort of installing a door by choosing a pre-hung door.

  2. 2.Insulation

    Although pre-hung doors can come in a hollow core style, exterior doors feature a thermal core that outperforms solid-core doors made of wood. In addition, the weather stripping for pre-hung doors is already in place on the door. This eliminates the need for installing weather stripping as you install a pre-hung door. Weather stripping on a pre-hung door is generally of a higher quality and fits the door perfectly for a better seal.


    As you assess a pre-hung door, examine the weather stripping to ensure that it is attached tightly around the door for the best seal.

  3. 3.Installation

    The installation convenience of a pre-hung door makes it the best choice for many do-it-yourself homeowners.


    Before making a purchase, ensure that the pre-hung door fits the doorway properly and that the doorway is perfectly level. You can resolve issues with an unleveled doorway with the addition of shims before installing the door, if necessary.


    After a short and simple installation process, a pre-hung door should swing correctly and close completely without frustrating and time-consuming adjustments.

  5. 4.Door Options

    Choose the pre-hung door that fits your needs and desires. Pre-hung doors come in a variety of designs and they are made from a variety of materials. Pre-hung doors also come in many different colors to match any exterior color scheme. For exterior pre-hung doors, you might even select an entire entry door system that includes side lites and transom lites – windowpanes to the left and right of the doorway and above the doorway. If you select this type of entry door system, ensure that the windowpanes are double-pane glass for the best energy efficiency.


    Once you see the extensive benefits of a pre-hung door, you may find the decision to be an easy one. Especially if you’ll be installing the door yourself, you can reduce the time and effort of installation by choosing a pre-hung door.

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