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Benefits of Professional Fireplace Painting

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Fireplace & Chimney > Benefits of Professional Fireplace Painting
Benefits of Professional Fireplace Painting

With use and age, your fireplace may show serious signs of wear. A brick surround of a fireplace can become especially unattractive with years of using a fireplace. Perhaps you’re tired of the old and dated appearance of your fireplace and you’d like to make surface changes without tackling an expensive renovation. Instead of suffering with an unappealing fireplace as the focal point of your living room, solve the issue with a few coats of inexpensive paint.


While you could repaint and resurface your own fireplace, perhaps you’d rather leave this work to a qualified professional. How difficult could it be to slap paint onto your fireplace to renew the surface? Transforming a fireplace can be a challenge, especially when you want to make sure that the finished results will be of high quality. Explore the benefits of hiring a professional to paint your fireplace and the next task will be finding the right expert to get the job done.

  1. 1.Work Involved

    The process of painting a fireplace can be extensive. The professional will assess the fireplace for structural issues prior to painting. Masonry, stone, slate, marble and metal are the most common fireplace materials. Covering the fireplace surround with paint can be an effective way to update and renovate the entire appearance of your fireplace. They'll prepare the fireplace surround surface for paint by taping off the perimeter and applying a layer of sealer. The sealer applied depends on the materials contained in your fireplace.

  2. 2.Benefits of a Professional Painter

    The process of painting a fireplace is standard and straightforward, but it can be time consuming for a novice. You might not possess the correct tools for the project, necessitating that you either purchase or rent paintbrushes and ladders. If your masonry requires restoration, the professional will complete this time-consuming work prior to painting the fireplace. The professional has the expertise necessary to paint the surfaces neatly and quickly to complete the process. What could take you days to complete, with preparation and cleanup work included, might take a professional a matter of hours to finish. The finished result promises to be the highest quality when you hire a professional.

  3. 3.Work Site Preparation and Cleanup

    Preparation and cleanup often takes longer than the actual paint application. It’s imperative to thoroughly prepare the surface for painting by cleaning it, otherwise the paint may not adhere effectively. With the high heat of the area, the paint needs the best application possible to prevent failure. After finishing the painting, the professional will restore the work area to its previous condition, removing painter’s tape and drop cloths, as necessary. The best part of it all, you won’t have issues with cleaning tools with a professional handling the job.

  4. 4.Paint Techniques

    With a professional on the job, you open the door to a host of faux painting techniques that can brighten and renew a fireplace. If you’re tired of a masonry surround, consider a faux technique that transforms brick into the appearance of natural stone by lightening the base and adding a mix of colors to create texture.


    Dry-brushing involves applying a small amount of paint to the fireplace and spreading it out in a thin layer. By using a combination of dark, medium and light shades of paint, you can create a weathered and aged appearance.


    Update masonry with plaster to create a Venetian plaster appearance. A professional will know the steps involved to fill in the grooves between bricks to create a smooth foundation for the plaster. With primer and then drywall mud, the Venetian plaster appearance will appear before your eyes.

  5. 5.Possible Problems

    The wrong kind of paint or a shortcut in the preparation process might create issues with a fireplace painting project. Issues common for do-it-yourselfers, such as a failure to prepare the surface correctly, might lead to paint chipping and peeling away from the fireplace. This can lead to costly repairs and additional work required from you.

  6. 6.Cost of Professional Fireplace Painting

    The materials in your fireplace, the condition of the fireplace, the painting techniques you desire and your geographic location will be factors in the cost of professional fireplace painting. Expect the cost to paint your fireplace to range between $189 and $495, with the average cost coming in at $258 for a professional paint job.

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