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Benefits of a Professionally Installed Pet Door

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Benefits of a Professionally Installed Pet Door
Benefits of a Professionally Installed Pet Door

When your four-legged critters need to get in or out of the door independently, a pet door solves the problem. Your worries about being around to open the door for your pet will disappear because they will finally be able to enter and exit without your help.


Sure, you could cut a hole in your door to make access for your pet, but there are better ways to proceed with the project. A professionally installed pet door will keep your door attractive and ensure energy efficiency so your home remains snug and tight against the weather.

  1. 1.Types of Pet Door Installations

    You can find kits for installing a pet door in your door, if you’re the do-it-yourself type. However, hiring a professional to complete the project for you provides more alternatives and options that will make the pet door fit your home and style.


    Pet doors can contain a variety of materials to match the existing material of your door. Many pet doors have special designs to fit into specific doors, including glass patio doors and glass French doors. If you opt for a specialty pet door, you may need to place a custom order that will ensure it meets your specifications.

  2. 2.Measuring Your Pet

    Pet doors come in a variety of sizes to fit the size of your pet from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. To ensure that the pet door you purchase will allow your pet to pass through, you must first measure your pet’s height from floor to the top of the shoulders and the chest width. It’s best to avoid making the pet door any larger than necessary because it could allow criminal entry into your home if it’s too large. Once you have measured your pet, provide the dimensions to the company and you will receive an estimate for a pet door that will fit your pet.

  3. 3.Choosing a Style

    Explore the various styles of pet doors to find one that fits your home and your budget. An inexpensive pet door features a frame around the opening and a flap that moves open and closed as your pet moves through the doorway. A magnet holds the flap in closed position to keep the opening energy efficient.


    More expensive pet doors have innovative features such as infrared technology that activates the doorway to allow your pet to pass through in response to a chip on your pet’s collar. Some pet doors also self-lock for additional security so that only your pet can pass through. The advantage of a self-locking pet door keeps human intruders out, and it also prevents other animals from entering, such as other dogs and wild creatures.

  4. 4.Pet Door Installation Process

    The position of the pet door will be important for security. Ensure that no one can reach through the pet door to reach the doorknob to open the door. After planning the position of the pet door, marking the installation location will be the next step. A contractor or a handyman will have the expertise and skills necessary to execute the process of cutting into your door to install the pet door. Depending on the materials of your door, this process will vary. If you need a pet door in a glass door, cutting through the glass will be part of the process. An expert with proficiency in glass cutting will be an asset to the project to ensure satisfactory results. Some types of glass are not conducive to pet door installations due to additional security strengthening of the glass. If this is your situation, you may need to replace the glass with a type that enables cutting before cutting the opening for the pet door.

  5. 5.Size and Location

    A professional can install a pet door in a door or even in a wall. With a pet door in a wall, you can give your pet access to rooms, as necessary. Pet door installation can be more or less complicated, depending on the installation location and the type of door.

  6. 6.Cost to Install Pet Door

    The costs involved with installing a pet door depend on many factors. A pet door with security functions will involve more detailed installation, so expect a higher price for the work. The location of the pet door and the type of doorway also has an impact on the installation price. Your geographic location will be another factor in the overall price of your pet door installation. Watch for unexpected charges from the installation, as well. Additional weatherproofing or hardware may increase your installation cost. The price to install a pet door will range from $101 to $230.

  7. 7.Find a Pet Door Installer

    We can assist you with installing your pet door. Submit a work request to us that outlines the important points of the pet door project, your geographic location and how you prefer to be contacted.


    Stop running to the door for your pet and create an independent entry for your furry friend. The benefits of a pet door make this a worthwhile project.

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