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Benefits of Sound Proofing a Room

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > Benefits of Sound Proofing a Room
Benefits of Sound Proofing a Room

Depending on how you use a room, you might decide to install soundproofing insulation to reduce unwanted noise. If you regularly work at home and you need a quiet place to concentrate, soundproofing might be the key to your productivity.


Although soundproofing can have real advantages for your home, there are also benefits of hiring a professional to take care of the soundproofing work for you. Even if you have experience working on home-improvement projects, this work might be beyond your comfort zone.

  1. 1.Benefits of a Professional Soundproofing Job

    When you hire a professional for soundproofing, you can ensure that the finished result will provide high sound quality. In addition, the professional results will also be visually appealing, thanks to high quality wall panels, ceiling panels and doors. You’ll have a variety of choices in colors, materials, patterns, designs and finishes, with something to fit every decorating theme. A professional will also have design training to provide you with helpful advice and suggestions as you strive to put together an appealing soundproof room. The quality materials used by a professional will be more efficient, lasting longer than the materials you might install on your own.

  2. 2.Rooms to Soundproof

    Many rooms in your home would benefit from soundproofing. Add soundproof materials around a laundry or furnace room to keep a lid on these loud appliances. If you have a home theater, soundproof the walls and ceiling to contain the sounds in the theater room. Create a quiet oasis in your bedroom by soundproofing the walls so you can’t hear noises from the rest of your home. If you live in a noisy area, near a freeway or airport, for example, you might even consider soundproofing your entire home to block out exterior sounds so they won’t disturb you in your home.

  3. 3.Elements of Soundproofing

    Soundproofing generally involves special soundproofing insulation that fits behind wall and ceiling panels. The key is to fill all cavities with soundproofing insulation to prevent sounds from infiltrating through the walls and ceiling. With soundproofing installed in your home, you should notice reduced heating and cooling expenses, thanks to tighter seals and greater insulation. Not only does soundproofing block sounds, it also blocks air from moving through crevices. Soundproofing can also be an excellent selling point for a home, because it appeals to many buyers.


    Using sound-engineered drywall instead of standard drywall will incorporate additional soundproofing capabilities in the room. Sound-engineered drywall absorbs sounds instead of deflecting it. The deflection of sounds is the reason sounds move out of one room and into other areas. If you already have standard drywall in a room, you can install sound-engineered drywall right over the existing drywall.


    Add foam and carpet to the floor for additional soundproofing elements in a room.

  4. 4.Problems that Might Occur

    Walls are rarely simple, so expect that soundproofing walls will involve obstacles. These obstacles, such as electrical wires and plumbing pipes, might present real challenges for a do-it-yourselfer. A professional will easily navigate around obstacles to install the soundproof insulation and drywall with accurate and precise measurements.


    Don’t forget windows in the soundproofing project. While it’s important to soundproof walls and ceilings, sound will travel right through the glass unless you replace it with soundproof windows. If you cannot afford to replace your windows, add heavy drapes over the windows.

  5. 5.Costs of Professional Soundproofing

    A soundproofing project has a variety of components that determine the overall cost of the soundproofing project. The size of the room, the types of panels, the amount of insulation, inclusion of the ceiling in the project and soundproofing the floor are all factors that determine the total expense of the project. Your geographic location also has an impact on overall price. Get a few estimates from professionals to determine the overall price tag for soundproofing. The project cost will range between $187 and $1,693 to hire a professional to soundproof a room.


    If you are interested in do-it-yourself, check out our article on Affordable Ways to Soundproof a Room.

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