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Benefits of a Surround Sound System Installation

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > Benefits of a Surround Sound System Installation
Benefits of a Surround Sound System Installation

With a surround sound system, the quality of your television viewing increases. In the past, surround sound was not available for the average viewer, but thanks to expanding technology, virtually anyone can purchase and install surround sound in a home.


As you explore your surround sound options, you’ll quickly find out that you have a wide variety to choose from. The system you purchase depends on your budget and your overall desires for the system you wish to create. Although you could install your own system, there are major benefits to hiring an expert to install your surround sound system for you.

  1. 1.Components of a Surround Sound System

    You have the option of building your own surround sound system out of separate components or purchasing a prepackaged system. A prepackaged system benefits a novice who might not understand all the different components enough to put together a customized system.

    The different components necessary for a surround sound system include a television, a blu-ray or DVD player, receiver, speakers, speaker stands, speaker brackets, subwoofer, cables, surge protection and universal remote.

  2. 2.Benefits of a Professional Installation

    The process of installing a surround sound system might be complicated, depending on the equipment and the layout of your room. If you don’t have strong technical understanding, you might not understand the electronics well enough to install the system correctly. Installing a wired system has intricate requirements to ensure that the system will work. A wireless system also requires extensive technical understanding for the placement of the each unit. Compatibility between various components can also be an issue. The level of frustration could climb as you struggle with problems and troubleshooting. If you install your own surround sound system, you might work at it for an entire weekend or even longer.


    While all of these issues might confound and confuse a novice, an expert will have the experience and expertise necessary to handle them with ease. An expert on the job might install your surround system in as little as two hours, and you’ll be kicking back to watch a sporting event or movie in no time.

  3. 3.Work Required to Install

    Although you might have some experience with electrical wiring, it probably isn’t enough to install a surround sound system yourself. Your theater space for viewing is a unique environment, so a professional will assess and analyze your space prior to installing the system. After analyzing the area, the professional will make recommendations for the components necessary to complete a high-quality system. Next, the professional will configure the electronics to fit into your space to create the best system possible. With every space, it’s possible to achieve either mediocre or excellent sound results – with a professional, you should get the maximum acoustic results possible in your space.


    The first task involves setting up the home theater equipment. The installer will determine the cable length necessary for each component with careful measuring. Once measured, the installer knows exactly how to connect each device such as the television, blu-ray player and AV receiver. The various accessories connect together in a specific way for service. Don’t forget to add a surge protector to prevent costly damage to your electronics.


    After connecting the theater equipment, it’s time for the speaker system. The placement of the surround speakers is extremely important for sound quality. Different speakers belong at different points of the room, with specific distances required for optimal sound. It’s also necessary to configure speaker placement digitally into the surround sound system. Speakers might simply mount to walls, they could sit on speaker stands, or you might even choose to conceal them for invisible sound.


    After the initial installation, the installer will test the system to ensure optimal sound. If troubleshooting is necessary, the professional will analyze problems and resolve them to guarantee you get the best sound possible with your system.

  4. 4.Issues That Could Occur

    The intent of surround sound involves creating an acoustic experience that makes the viewer feel incorporated into the action. A common mistake made by do-it-yourselfers involves the position of the speakers. If you do not position the speakers correctly, the surround sound might not produce the desired effect.


    Incorrect wiring might create static interference with the system speakers. Amateur installation often involves mistakes with speaker wiring due to the length of the wire itself.

  5. 5.Costs to Install Surround Sound

    As you explore your options for a professional installation of your surround sound system, cost might be a factor. The overall cost for installing the system depends on the type of system, the complication of the equipment, your home theater environment and your geographical location. Installing a surround sound system will range between $98 and $880 with the average cost for installation approximately $295. See our Surround Sound System Installation Cost Guide to learn more.

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