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Best Garbage Removal Solutions

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Best Garbage Removal Solutions

Most of us have come to terms with the everyday tasks of taking out the trash and separating our recyclables, but when it comes to massive clean-up efforts like construction project waste or cleaning out long-neglected areas of the home, knowing the best way to get rid of waste is a little less intuitive. There are a number of garbage removal options available, and finding the best one for your particular needs is a key element in making your next big cleaning project a hassle-free endeavor rather than a messy, time-consuming drudgery.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Disposal of waste to a landfill has decreased from 89 percent of the amount generated in 1980 to about 54 percent of MSW [municipal solid waste] in 2010." This is certainly a satisfying statistic, but garbage removal is still an incredibly important issue that homeowners must consider carefully. Not only is it crucial to have garbage removed quickly and efficiently during a big cleaning project, it is also best to be aware of where that trash is going and how much of it you can keep from entering a landfill.

  1. If you live in a city like San Francisco, city ordinances provide both specific guidelines for handling organic waste and a convenient and effective way to get rid of it.

    1.Removal of Organic Waste

    If you live in a city like San Francisco, city ordinances provide both specific guidelines for handling organic waste and a convenient and effective way to get rid of it. Most of us are not yet that lucky. Folks in rural areas and those with plenty of space on their property to spare can create their own compost piles capable of turning organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Those within city or town limits who do not have the room to go this route should inquire with local waste authorities about organic waste pick-ups which are often free or included in the cost of regular trash service.

  2. 2.Dumpster Services for Large Projects

    When dealing with inorganic waste on a large scale, dumpster service is often an ideal form of garbage removal. Just about anywhere in the country, there is a company you can contact who will bring a large, empty container to your property and come pick it up when it is full or on a specified date. The company you choose may have a list of items that are unacceptable. They may also have a list of items they will separate and recycle. By contacting several companies, getting quotes, and explaining the particular project you need the dumpster for, you'll not only find a good price, but get a better match for the service you need.

  4. 3.Junk Removal for Appliances, Vehicles, and Other Large Items

    Sometimes it is not a collection of trash but one or two large items that need to be removed from your property. In these cases, a junk removal service may be your best bet. Unlike a dumpster that is left and then picked up, a junk removal service will typically do the heavy lifting for you. Call them, describe the item or items you want removed, and they'll come and pick them up. When the item or items are made largely of metal, the junk removal company may even pay you a small amount when they pick it up!

  5. 4.Salvage Warehouses

    One of the most environmentally-friendly things you can do when getting rid of large household components is give them to a salvage warehouse. These businesses take old cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, and other items from demolitions and remodels; the items are then refurbished and sold again. This benefits you by reducing the amount of waste you must pay to have removed, benefits the environment by saving landfill space, and benefits the company and the people who buy the refurbished items, too.

  6. 5.Schedule Service Early

    If you'll be paying for waste removal, exploring your options well before you actually need your service will allow you to shop around for good deals (some of which can only be had with a certain amount of notice). If the service you need would be better met by a municipal garbage collector, salvage warehouse, or junk removal company, calling early will ensure that you're scheduled for pick up at a time that is convenient and--in the case of junk removal--maybe even put more money in your pocket by giving you time to see which companies pay the most for scrap!

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