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Best Kept Secret Solutions for a Cluttered Closet

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Best Kept Secret Solutions for a Cluttered Closet
Best Kept Secret Solutions for a Cluttered Closet

A cluttered closet can hold you back and make it difficult to get through the day. When you can’t even open your closet doors without ducking to avoid falling objects, you know something has got to change. If you’re tired of living with a cluttered closet, make a plan to change it.


Rest assured – you’re not the only one dealing with mess. The University of Illinois Extension has helpful tips and advice for clearing out the chaos. Once you learn how to tame the clutter monster, it’s a much easier task to stay on top of the clutter and avoid it.


Once you learn the best kept secret solutions for a cluttered closet, your life should be easier and more efficient.

  1. 1.Organize!

    It’s your closet, so organize it in a way that works for you. If your wardrobe is so expansive that you can organize by color, this makes an impressive display in a closet. Imagine – all your denim together in one spot, your fuschia in another area, your greens hanging together in another spot and your white separates together somewhere else. You’ll never have to hunt high and low for that green tank top again because it will be right there with all the other clothes in the same color family.

    Another option for organization could be to place all shirts of a certain type together, all skirts together, all dresses together, all jackets together and so on. This groups your clothing by item, not by color.


    Spend a little time thinking about your accessories, too. You may need to splurge and purchase a special storage system for belts, hats, scarves or shoes, depending on how many items you have. If accessories are overflowing in chaos, it’s worth it to spend the money to organize and store them neatly.

  2. It generally feels very empowering to sift through your things and donate what you no longer need to people less fortunate.
  3. 2.Remove Foldable Clothes

    Although foldable clothes might go on hangers or shelves in the closet, you may decide to just remove them altogether and store them in a dresser drawer instead. Once you eliminate the foldable clothes from the closet, you will have additional space for other items.

  4. 3.The Soda Tab Trick

    Skip spending major money on special hangers or contraptions that enable you to double up your hangers. Instead, pop the soda tabs off your soda cans and use them with your hangers. Slip the tab over the top of the hanger and let it sit at the base of the hanger, just under the curve. Hook a second hanger onto the soda tab and you instantly have a doubled-up hanger that cost you absolutely nothing to make. Now you can hang whole outfits together – jackets, blouses and skirts or pants – without buying specialty hangers that can be costly.

  5. 4.Store Shoes Elsewhere

    If shoes are threatening to overrun your closet, you may have to get a little ruthless and creative. Of course, everyone thinks shoes go in a closet – but do they? Why not find an alternative spot for your shoes and use your closet for other items instead? Use wall space to store shoes vertically off the floor and out of your closet. Go all the way up to the ceiling if you need to, ensuring that you use every inch of available space. Install shallow shelving on the walls and hang shoes by the heels on the shelves. Another option – install a vertical shoe keeper on a door. These keepers have pull-out shelves that you pull out to open and push back in to close. You might try under-the-bed bins for stowing shoes out of the way, also.

  6. 5.Renovate Your Closet

    If you’ve tried every trick in the book to organize your closet and tame the clutter but it’s just not working, you may need to think about renovating to achieve more space in your closet. Try doubling up your hanging space by installing one bar at eye level and a second bar about 3 feet above the floor. You might also install additional shelving to help you organize and control items that don’t hang. Add hooks on walls to create additional areas for hanging purses, jackets and bags. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large walk-in closet, you might even consider installing a closet island. The island can become a centralized dresser with drawers for easy access. On the countertop of the island, you can store jewelry, perfume or other accessories. You might even consider turning a part of the island into a dressing table complete with mirrors and a chair for sitting to primp.

  7. 6.Donate!

    When you’ve got too much stuff in your closet, it could be time to conquer the clutter and donate some of it. It generally feels very empowering to sift through your things and donate what you no longer need to people less fortunate. You can rest in the knowledge that you’re helping people with your generosity. Although you can approach donation positively, you also may feel a little unsure about what to donate. The possibility of wanting or needing something after you pass it on can be a little unsettling. Try this trick as you go through your closet, looking for clothing you don’t wear anymore. At the beginning of the season, hang every hanger the “wrong” way in your closet with the hanger facing backward on the rod. As you go through your clothing throughout the season, choosing items to wear, hang the item the correct way in the closet after you wear it. This will tell you without a doubt that you either wore an item or you didn’t. At the end of the season, go through and grab all the hangers that are still backward – you never wore those items so you won’t miss them.


    Once you get your closet neatly organized, you may enjoy it so much that you can’t imagine returning to the chaos. A little maintenance and it should stay neat and orderly. Don’t forget to visit the Red Beacon website for more timely tips and suggestions for organizing a closet, too!

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