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Best Patio Enclosures for Your Home

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Patio & Walkway > Best Patio Enclosures for Your Home
Best Patio Enclosures for Your Home

A patio is an extension of the main living space in a home. If you have an open patio, you might have thought of closing it and converting it into a more usable space. This is where patio enclosures come in handy. Putting in an enclosure can help you secure the patio area or attain for you an additional room at an affordable cost. Patio enclosures come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and wood. They can be customized as per your requirements and the dimensions of the patio you will be enclosing.

  1. An enclosed patio must have a roof to offer protection from the elements.

    1.Worth the Effort

    It may not possible for you to raise a patio enclosure by yourself and thus, you might need the help of a friend or have to consider hiring professionals to perform this job. Choosing the latter option could mean that you will have some qualified experts tackling this project (if you hire the right people). This means the design and installation of this chapter should result in an increased value of your home and something your friends and neighbors will be talking about. If you can impress your mother in law, this project will pay for itself in more ways than one.

  2. 2.Selecting the Right Patio Enclosure

    The choice of a patio enclosure will depend on the purpose for which you will be using the space. If you want a place to unwind in the cool breeze after a long day, a screened enclosure might best meet your needs. If you have a spectacular view or you enjoy sunbathing, then putting in a glass enclosure might be appropriate. When intending to turn your patio into a fun room, an appropriately insulated enclosure with a sturdy roof might be the best option. In this case, you will also want to ensure that the design and materials used are in keeping with the rest of the house.

  3. 3.Choosing Windows and Doors

    This again will depend on the purpose served by the enclosed patio. A sunroom will need wide glass windows and a glass roof. Energy-efficient doors and windows will help minimize energy costs during extreme weather conditions. The windows and doors will also have to match the look & feel of the rest of the house. Taking pictures of your house along with you when choosing doors and windows will help you find those which match the ones in your home.

  4. 4.Quality Materials

    Patio enclosures made of the finest materials will ensure that you acquire the best use out of them. These will be durable and able to withstand weather conditions such as heavy snowfall or rainstorms. Even if the initial cost appears a little more than what you expected, it might work out cheaper for you in the long run rather than opting for materials of poor quality. It is better to do it right the first time.


    If you do not have the funding to buy the proper materials and to complete this episode correctly, you may want to consider saving up some more money for a few more months rather than risk installing a patio enclosure that does not last more than a couple of years and does not bring any smiles to the face of your guests.

  6. 5.Patio Covers

    An enclosed patio must have a roof to offer protection from the elements. Patio roofs can also be made from various materials such as canvas, wood, bamboo, glass, and plastic. These can again be categorized based on their styles and designs. A canvas covering is more suited for temporary roofs than permanent ones. A louvered roof is made of wood and offers flexibility as they can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight that can be let in. Softwoods can be used to create egg crate roofing which will allow you to grow some vines if required or wanted. Glass and plastic are preferred when the patio has a retractable roof or a swimming pool. Bamboo is not very durable and thus unsuitable for use in areas where there are likely to be severe climatic conditions.

  7. 6.Aspects to Consider

    Having a patio, which is the center of attraction, is a dream come true for many home owners. Keeping these guidelines in mind and being sensible about your choices can help you find the best patio enclosures for your home. Soon you can be barbecuing in the shade! The key features you need to keep in mind when looking for the right enclosure are durability, weather-resistance, price, maintenance involved, and appropriate aesthetic appeal.

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