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Best Solutions for Lawn Dog Waste

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Best Solutions for Lawn Dog Waste
Best Solutions for Lawn Dog Waste

Before we go any further here’s a warning for the squeamish: The word “poop” will be used in this article. By poop, we’re talking about something other than being tired or “pooped.” We’re also going to use the word “pee.”

  1. 1.Pick A Good Place

    There’s really no chemical you can sprinkle on the ground that’s going to keep your canine from being a dog. The top solution would be to give your pet a special place where he-or-she can make a deposit.

    Your dog’s pee is full of nitrogen that can leave yellow patches on the lawn.

    You still going to want to clean up the hard stuff in this out-of-the-way area of your yard, but at least you’ll be able to step freely across the lawn. But let’s say that man’s best friend is a bad student. You’re going to need some tools to clear the property of the poop.

  3. 2.Pick It Up

    Most dog parks have a dispenser that holds small, bio-degradable bags which are to be used by the folks who frequent the area. Some of us don’t want to touch the waste even with the protection of a pet mitt? If that’s’ the case, then disposable latex gloves or small paper bags are not for you.


    There is a device that can be used. Commonly called the pooper scooper, you can buy literally dozens-upon-dozens of different types of these handy helpers. They’re like enormous salad thongs made primarily of plastic. It’s a way of picking up the poop without getting too close.

  5. 3.In-Ground Solution

    The fancy name is an “In-Ground Digester System.” Basically, it’s a metal pail and a metal cover. Before you bury it up to its rim, poke some half-inch holes in the bottom of the bucket. That way, with water, you’ll be able to break down the dog’s stool so it can drain into the ground.


    Here’s where the chemicals come in. Think of this as your mutt’s very own septic tank. There are granules or solutions you can buy at a Big Box hardware store that are enzymes. These enzymes eat ordure. This process helps to more quickly break-down the dung so it will seep into the earth below.

  7. 4.Urine

    Your dog’s pee is full of nitrogen that can leave yellow patches on the lawn. You can go right to the source and dilute your pet’s urine by adding more water to their food. You can lead a dog to water, but like a horse you can’t make them drink. Putting the canine on a higher quality diet may provide a solution because the food has a more digestible form of protein, leading to less waste from the pet.


    Another solution is very inexpensive. Dilute the area by hosing it with water. Try to do it as soon as your dog urinates on the lawn. But, if you don’t catch that moment, just hit the spot with H2O once you notice it becoming yellow.

  9. 5.Take A Walk

    Something you can do that’s both good for the dog and good for you is to take your pet for a walk in the morning and in early evening. While out, train your dog to go then. You don’t want to be a bad neighbor. Cleaning up after your dog on a walk will keep you from getting into trouble.


    Lastly, the kids are a great way to clean up the dog poop. You can make it into a game or turn it into a bribe. Namely, if they don’t do this chore, they risk losing a chunk of their weekly allowance.

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