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Bike Storage Ideas for the Organized Homeowner

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Bike Storage Ideas for the Organized Homeowner
Bike Storage Ideas for the Organized Homeowner

Bicycles can be an efficient and enjoyable form of transportation. Not only do they get you where you need to go in a surprisingly timely fashion, you can improve your health and fitness level while you get there. If you plan to incorporate biking into your routine, you’ll need to make room for the bikes in your garage.


The State of Oregon provides information on bike commuting for people who opt to pedal to work instead of driving. There are some things to consider before you jump on the bike, including your safety gear as well as suitable clothing for biking in a variety of different types of weather.


Don’t forget to consider where you will store your bicycle. Bike storage for the organized homeowner promises that the bikes won’t take over the garage.

  1. 1.Bikes Get in the Way

    Garages tend to fill up with items quickly, especially when you have a family. Between vehicles, outdoor equipment, tools and toys, you may have trouble finding a suitable storage spot for bikes. If everyone in your family owns a bike, the problem multiplies quickly to the point where you’re tripping over bikes and there’s no room to access anything in the garage. Garage organization is the key to keeping a neat and tidy garage. Once you have bikes stowed neatly, you won’t have issues using your garage and accessing the items in it.

  3. 2.Don't Let It Get Rusty

    A concern of many bike owners is the inevitable rust that tends to occur on a bike in storage. This can be especially troublesome when you store a bicycle during the off-season when you aren’t riding it regularly. Imagine the frustration when you pull your bike out of winter storage to find the frame covered with rust. You can prevent this situation by using a rust-preventive storage bag for your bicycle. Once you put your bicycle into the bag, the special protective cover seals the metal surfaces of the bike and prevents corrosion and oxidation. It couldn’t be simpler – simply place the bike in the bag and zip it up. Your bike should have effective rust protection for up to five years without odors or toxins involved.

  4. 3.Pros and Cons of Community Bike Racks

    If your garage won’t accommodate a bike, one option is to store it in a community bike rack instead. Although this can give you more room in your garage, there are downsides of storing your bike in a community bike rack. Depending on the location of the bike rack, you may not have convenient access to your bike whenever you want or need it. Your bike may also be exposed to outdoor elements on a continual basis, which could lead to rust or paint fading. Your bike could also be at risk of being stolen, depending on the quality of the lock you use to secure it.

  5. 4.Get a Bike Shed

    Instead of storing your bike in the garage, consider a special bike shed. Bike sheds vary in price, with some being relatively inexpensive and others having a heftier price tag. A bike shed goes up quickly and easily wherever you want it on your property. It doesn’t take excessive time or construction skills to erect a shed for your bikes. The shed has a door that opens easily, with locking capability to ensure that your bikes stay secure while parked in the shed. Once you have the bike shed, your garage will have more space without the bikes. You may also find that it’s easier to access the bikes from the bike shed.

  6. 5.Hang it On the Wall

    One storage option for bikes in the garage is to hang them on the garage wall. These convenient wall-mounted hooks hold the bike by the frame or the wheels. Explore various wall hanging systems for hanging a bike – some hang the bike horizontally and others hang the bike vertically. The hook you select depends on the configuration of your garage walls and how much space you have. Some wall-mounted hooks also have convenient shelves or storage baskets to hold a helmet and other biking accessories to store these items in a convenient spot for easy access. Some storage systems are relatively inexpensive and others have a higher price.

  8. 6.Hang It On the Ceiling

    When you really want to free up your garage space, consider hanging your bike from the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted hanging systems can be an effective way to store your bike so it’s out of the way in the garage. A ceiling-hanging system can be an elaborate one you purchase to hang your bike precisely, or you might even devise your own system with hooks you purchase at the home-improvement store. You might opt to use this storage system during the off-season when you don’t need to access your bicycles regularly. It’s possible to place a bicycle into a storage bag and then hang it from the ceiling for worry-free storage while you’re not riding your bike.

  9. 7.Use it at Your Desk

    What could be better than devising a way to store and use your bike indoors? Instead of parking your bike in the garage when you’re not using it, bring it on indoors with you. Park your bike at a creatively-constructed desk that enables you to sit on the bike, pedal it and actually work at a desk. You can increase your activity level while you work on a computer or paperwork. You may find your endurance level and your overall health improves when you use your bike as a desk chair and you keep your legs moving throughout the day.


    With the commitment to biking, you can strengthen your resolve when you organize your garage and make it pleasant to use and store your bicycle. Your bicycle is worth the effort to keep it nice and in good working condition, so store it properly to lengthen its serviceable life. Visit the Red Beacon website for more helpful advice and suggestions for storing your bicycles in your garage.

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